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Bill Faust

Principal Consultant

I help people to understand themselves and portray this to a potential employer as it is only at this point they can then work out where they want to go and formulate a strategy to get there.

Within the universities, I work with undergrads and postgrads as well as working for companies who want to know what they potentially can offer to their customers.

My style is question lead, taking you on a personal journey thus maximising the understanding of the process and visualising an endpoint of where they would like to be.

I work with many of the leading business schools around the world, individuals and companies looking to find out what they “really” offer their customers.

Sarah Jones Principal Consultant MPI Learning

My Background

20 years of speaking experience and author of international best seller Pitch Yourself
Ted Speaker: Disrupting Disruption March 2018 https://www.ted.com/talks/bill_faust_disrupting_disruption 

Keynote Speaker for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) at their annual conference in Italy Nov 2019 In English e Italiano.

Provider of Presentation and Pitch training to FCA

Guest speaker at about 100 of the top accredited Business Schools including London Business School, IMD, MIT, EDHEC etc see www.pitchyourself.co.uk talking about HR/Communications/Presentations/Pitching

Sales training with MPI Learning.

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