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Dr. Angela Armstrong

Principal Consultant

Dr. Angela Armstrong is a highly qualified and commercially minded learning and development professional with over 20 years’ experience. She develops leaders, teams and individuals so they deliver on their most pressing ‘what and how’ strategies related to purpose, performance, authentic leadership and team development in the context of culture change, inclusion and resilience.

dr angela armstrong Dr Angela Armstrong - Principal Consultant

My Background

Angela gained a PhD in Artificial Intelligence then taught computer science at Coventry University. She then worked for Rolls-Royce before making use of her MBA at Accenture (a global consulting company) leading global culture transformation projects. 

Angela’s experience of operational leadership and passion for developing others led to delivering many successful management and leadership development programmes for clients. Her performance and candour inspire cultural shift by embracing sceptics during discussions, informing intention into action and emboldening people to find their voice.

My Specialities

Leadership Development Skill


Health and Wellbeing skill


Leadership Development Skill

Diversity and 

Organisational Development Skill

Culture Change

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