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Emre Hasan Saylik

Principal Consultant

Emre Hasan Saylik brings extensive business and marketing experience to his clients with financial services, banking and marketing background over 25 years. He provides learning facilitation, team coaching and leadership training services for corporate clients and supports SME league company owners as experienced business coach.

emre hasan saylik Emre Hasan Saylik - Principal Consultant

My Background

Emre is known with high standard specialties including, integrity with deep business understanding, passion for making things happen and supportive style that will ensure his clients achieve their goals and deliver tangible results. He has designed, ran or been involved in numerous large-scale Corporate Transformation, Leadership Culture and Client Relations Programmes in various sectors and environments from Marketing to IT in the Turkish market.   

He has also worked with SME league company owners in various industries from Retail to Construction in the context of long-term Business Coaching Development Programmes, up to five years focusing on the management system of the company itself and management culture of the company owners.

With his Sociology background, he is considered a critical and innovative thinker in organizational and behavioral development, his motto is “One Life” for meaning and experience of humankind, focusing on the layers of all types of organizational structures in society.

My Specialities

Leadership Development Skill

And Management

Organisational Development Skill

Corporate Transformation

Coaching Skill

Organisational and 
Team Development

Sales and Customer Service Skill

Customer Experience

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