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Florence Ainsworth

Principal Consultant

Florence Ainsworth is an International executive leadership coach, strategic consultant, speaker and emerging author.

Her unflinching commitment to inspiring and supporting human development to lean into accountability-centered personal leadership and achieve their highest potential, characterizes her purpose and focus.

Florence Ainsworth

My Background

With 30 years of experience Florence has established top leadership positions by standing on grassroots frontlines as well as leading and developing diverse teams in major organizations including Nike, Adidas, and Asics. She thrived with full P&L responsibility, in co-creating winning product strategies of international athletic teams and world-class women in sport, such as Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, and strategic consulting in the fight against global deforestation and social injustice.

Being creative in designing bespoke solutions to fit with client’s culture and values is important to me. At my best, I can be an effective change catalyst by providing fresh ideas and constructive challenge which are appropriate to the context I am operating in.

Her deep empathy, insight, and willingness to be vulnerable allow her to fiercely confront seemingly complicated or uncomfortable issues in a way that is disarming yet propels clients to action. She believes in authenticity and in doing business with heart and that people, performance, profit and making a difference can go solidly hand in hand.

My Specialities

Organisational Development Skill

Ethnicity Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership Development Skill


Coaching Skill


Organisational Development Skill

Culture Change