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Laszlo Kaczur

Principal Consultant

Laszlo Kaczur works with organisations from strategy development through to design and delivery of workshops, field training, and coaching. Alongside these development activities, he has significant selection experience, having designed and delivered a variety of Assessment and Development Center projects. He mainly deals with leadership, sales, and communication training, as well as workshops, using Lumina Learning solutions, such as Lumina Spark, Team, Sales, Coach, and Journey to Composure to increase individual and team resilience

Laszlo Kaczur Laszlo Kaczur - Principal Consultant

My Background

Laszlo has a decade of experience on sales, sales development, training & organisational development working in the FMCG sector, where he held several leadership positions. He is effectively able to navigate between macro and micro perspectives to transfer long term company vision/strategy into daily routines and behaviours when dealing with leaders, sales and other team members.

By using the latest psychometric innovation, he can support the development of teams as well as individuals to increase their self-knowledge, acceptance of diversity so that they can co-create the best results in long term within the company.

My Specialities

Coaching Skill

Training and

Sales and Customer Service Skill

Sales Development

Organisational Development Skill

HR Development

Sales and Customer Service Skill


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