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Niall Foster

Principal Consultant

Strategy alignment consultant, f2f and online facilitator, executive coach, behavioural trainer, assessor and verifier who specialises in delivering Strategic Alignment through Change/Performance Management improvement (organisational and individual), public and private sector Governance, Operational Optimisation and Culture clarification. His purpose is to align the core disciplines.

Kaz Kaczmarczyk

My Specialities

Behavioural Change
Aligns vision, strategies and values with employees, processes and systems. Diagnoses organisational problems and helps leaders to design and implement measurable solutions founded on his expertise in human behaviour (training/coaching) and process improvement (aligned with vison and strategies).

Process Change
Optimises operational performance that bridges the gap between where the organisation is now and where it wants to be. Reviews and helps to re-design existing practices/processes, from sales and marketing to production, customer service or the entire supply chain to deliver measurable improvements in effectiveness and efficiency by aligning all vital organisational elements and getting them headed in the same direction at the same time.

Systems Change
Maximises ROI by identifying the strategic and organisational elements required to deliver technology business investments. He does this by developing easily understood, high-impact balanced scorecard style measures that when aligned with strategy enables employees to monitor their performance and take corrective actions.

Niall has written on performance improvement themes with the best seller ‘Kaizen Strategies’ series published by the Financial Times/Prentice Hall in 2000. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) published his book ‘Effective Team Leadership for Engineers’ in 2009.


A qualified coach, Niall is certified in Level A&B [SHL] Occupational Testing, OPQ32 [SHL], MBTI, DISC and Assess profiling tools. He is a visiting MBA lecturer at the London School of Business and Finance, ISG Paris, Edinburgh University Business School, the Baltic Management Institute (Vilnius) and Kiev National Economic University.

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