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Nick Brown

Head of Creative & Marketing

Nick is the Creative and Marketing mind of the business, with over 15 years experience in Graphic Design, Advertising, Web and Film. His experience helps enhance the learning we provide for our clients. With his marketing hat on he is helping to drive our new digital channels, on demand learning and the learning lounge. 

Nick Brown

My Background

Nick studied graphic design at Lincoln University graduating in 2001. He then moved to London to pursue his career in graphic and web design. Working for a number of multi discipline agencies he honed his craft over 6 years. Nick Joined MPI in 2008 just as the business was beginning to grow. Over that time his role has expanded exponentially as his understanding of the Learning and Development business has grown.

Today he looks after our Brand, Marketing, Website and Learning Visual Design. Most recently Nick has lead MPI through the latest update where we transitioned our brand from MPI to MPI Learning. He works closely with the directors to achieve their strategic marketing goals.

Nick is a proud father of Reuben, dedicated partner to Jordan, walker of the dog, deliverer of snacks, supporter of Arsenal. 

Jerry presenting

My Specialities

Design skill Nick Brown - Head of Creative & Marketing

Graphic Design

Marketing Skill Nick Brown - Head of Creative & Marketing


webdesign skill Nick Brown - Head of Creative & Marketing

Web Design

film and animation production skill Nick Brown - Head of Creative & Marketing

Film & Animation

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