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Phillippa Dengler

Principal Consultant

Philippa works with leaders, HR and teams to shape future-ready organisations by helping people increase their personal agility and with it their employability.

As a consultant, trainer, workshop moderator and keynote speaker she combines structure & data with intuition & humor to deliver results that leave employees and the companies they work for better able to sense and respond in an agile way.

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My Background

Philippa draws on over two decades of international corporate experience as an employee, leader and change manager with General Electric and UBS, her master’s degree in business psychology and her own research on employability, as well as her experience with agile methodologies. In 2018 she founded Conscha (Conscious Change) GmbH to help mid-level managers become great leaders by consciously changing how they view and live their role.

She is English and Swiss, wife and mother, author of “Lifelong Employability: Thriving in an ageing society”, TEDx speaker and creator of the EmployAgility(R) Framework.

Facilitator Experience:
Facilitated workshops, developed and delivered trainings as internal employee and external consultant
Confident communicator and collaborator at all levels of organisations
Coaching (using EmployAgility® Framework or Profilizer™ psychometric
Six Sigma Change Master Black Belt facilitation training
Public speaking

My Specialities

1. Personal Agility
2. Agile ways of working and “Teal Practices”
3. Psychological Safety
4. Interrupting unconscious bias in the workplace
5. Inclusive Leadership
6. Inclusive Communication
7. Employee Agility and EmployAgility incl:
• Impulse presentation / Keynote / Webinar for employees – What is EmployAgility, what does it have to do with me?
• Training for people leaders/managers – How to use EmployAgility to improve the quality of personal development conversations
• Deep dive workshops to build skills and competencies in each of the 5 areas: Learning Agility / Networking for Agility / Collaboration for Agility / Wellbeing for Agility / Career Agility
• Certification for professional coaches and Certification for internal coaches/HR/people leaders

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