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Sandra Pires

Principal Consultant

Sandra Pires has been an unexpected partner since 2012. Who is responsible for designing and delivering unexpected transformational programs. Besides the unexpected, Sandra collaborates with MPI as an associate trainer for global projects, and is responsible for delivering projects in several markets like Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Angola. 

Her tendency is to always ask why, it can be challenging for the ones around her but it has helped to find the best way to do what it takes to move to the next level. So be prepared for some powerful questions!

Sandra Pirez Sandra Pires - Principal Consultant

My Background

With an Academic background in Organizational Psychology, I had made postgraduate studies in Emotional Intelligence, Stress and Well Being, and Cognitive-Behavioural intervention models. I started as a junior consultant and became a project manager responsible for prospection, design, implementation and evaluation of change management projects.

Later on, I was invited to be the HR manager at a multinational company in the automotive sector, being responsible for HR policies and programs in articulation with business strategy, in order to promote Talent Attraction, Development and Retention to the commercial network in Portugal, Spain and Africa markets.

Nowadays I’m back to consultancy since my drive was always the challenge of working in the unexpected and combining knowledge from different areas in order to transform the learning experience of each company in their unique way.
Meanwhile, I’m frequently invited to participate in MBA programs as an invited teacher.

My Specialities

Design skill

Content Curator

Coaching Skill


Organisational Development Skill

Change Specialist

Design skill

Learning Experience