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Sepideh Shirazi

Principal Consultant

Sepideh is a learning and development professional with extensive experience in all elements of the learning cycle from TNA and design through to delivery and return on investment. Sepideh is an experienced principle consultant at MPI with vast experience in working with all levels of colleagues from frontline staff through to Senior Managers and Directors.

Sepideh Shirazi

My Background

Throughout her 20 years of work experience Dr Sepideh Shirazi has acquired an extensive background in training, development (in and onsite as well as virtual), assessment, and recruitment. She is an expert in adult education and has trained numerous HR professionals. She assists individuals, groups and organizations to work more effectively by supporting both employers and employees as they pursue their objectives and make every effort to improve their practices. From 2014 to date, she is a Lecturer and Carrier Consultant at the Social Change School of Management.

From 2014 to date, she is a Lecturer and Carrier Consultant at the Social Change School of Management.

She worked for five years (2006-2011) as a Cross-Cultural Mediator and Conflict Resolution Facilitator where she facilitated constructive dialogue among groups coming from diverse backgrounds, cultures and positions, principally between Iranian and European companies. The majority of her clients were from the Automotive, Energy, Telecommunication and Entertainment sectors, and included also the Third Sector.

In addition, she had a long collaboration (from 2003) with a well-known Italian e-learning company as a Content Writer and Long Distance Learning Expert and Coach. She is gifted at promoting the engagement of participants involved in long distance learning by advancing full participation, promoting mutual understanding and achieving synergy in order to accomplish group work in a virtual environment.


My Specialities

Coaching Skill


Organisational Development Skill

Human Resources

Organisational Development Skill


Organisational Development Skill


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