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Terence Chiew

Principal Consultant

Terence Chiew is a Performance Consultant who finds joy in working with team leaders to build high-performing teams and achieve organisational success using a plethora of interventions comprising personality traits and values assessment, performance consulting, leadership and management training, team building and team alignment.

terence chiew Terence Chiew - Principal Consultant

My Background

Prior to becoming a full-time trainer, facilitator and consultant, Terence was a Senior Financial Services Manager with Manulife. He was in charge of agency management and was directly responsible for the agencies’ top-line results and market share. This role has given him valuable experience that has helped him relate to his clients’ business results with people development. But in 2013, due to a desire to leave a numbers-driven career to one where people are the focus, Terence embarked on his entrepreneurial journey to help organisations and their people.

Effectively bilingual (English and Mandarin), he is also a regular guest speaker on Singapore radio stations like Jia FM 88.3, LIVE FM 93.8, CAPITAL FM 95.8, NOW FM 93.8, MONEY FM 89.3 and LOVE FM97.2, speaking on employability topics. He is a published author of the book Most Valuable Professional: What Every Employee Ought to Know About Staying Employable and the winner of the ‘Best Personal Brand Award 2017’ as awarded by the Marketing Institute of Singapore. This is presented to individuals for their highest visibility on social media and leading to a positive impact on their business.

He has made a tremendous impact on many of the client projects that he has undertaken. One such project involves a market leader in the pet care industry. The client had experienced silo working cultures amongst its teams which influenced its business results eventually. Using a myriad of employee engagement tools and behavioural interview sessions, Terence was able to help the client set up an effective internal communications system and positively affect top-line performance in a matter of months.

My Specialities

Coaching Skill


Coaching Skill

Team Development

Coaching Skill

Team Building

Leadership Development Skill

Career Management

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