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About MPI Learning

Learn about our history and successes

Our History – MPI was founded in 2008 by Jerry and Mike with the aim of offering new and exciting learning solutions that help businesses worldwide. As you can see, we’ve come a long way since then.

With over 30 years learning and development experience, MPI is able to deliver measurable and demonstrable results to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Not only that, but we really are a friendly bunch to work with.

How we’ve grown

MPI was founded in 2008 by Mike and Jerry with the aim of offering new and exciting learning solutions that help businesses worldwide. As you can see, we’ve come a long way since then.

2008 – Jerry founds MPI

Jerry found’s and establishes MPI LLP in the UK.

2009 – Mike Willoughby Joins

Mike Willoughby joins MPI LLP as co-founder.

2010 – The MPI office opens

MPI opens its first office in the business park next to East Midlands Airport, Derbyshire.

Carolyn Mee Joins

Carolyn Mee joins as Head of Business Services having previously worked for 17 years at AstraZeneca.

Nick Brown Joins

Nick Brown joins the MPI team, managing the brand, website, creative needs and our technology/security.

2011 – Jenni Waller joins

Jenni Waller joins from Barclays having been a key client for many years and having held senior learning roles internationally for the Bank.

Emma Barton joins

Emma Barton joins the Business Services Team, having previously worked at AstraZeneca alongside Carolyn as Executive PA’s.

2012 – MPI in the UAE

MPI Grows its presence in the UAE – Working with clients: Barclays, HSBC, CBQ and Emirates Airlines.

2015 – MPI Gulf opens

MPI Gulf opens its first office in Dubai – Headed by Richard Beatie who joined from Informa Middle East, and Constantinos Kassappis from Logicom.

2016 – MPI Americas opens

MPI Americas opens its first US office in Raleigh NC. Headed by Don Billow joining from Cisco, a long-standing client of MPI.

2017 – Asia, Africa & Russia

MPI continues to expand its reach working for clients in Asia, Russia and Africa.

Nikki Kaur Joins

Nikki joins the team in Dubai as the head of Business Development – Nikki joins from Oakwood International.

2020 – New UK office

After 10 years in our original premises, we have now moved to our super new offices in central Loughborough.

2021 – MPI Rebrands

MPI has evolved and adapted to the challenges of the new world, with new business channels and a focus on virtual, blended and digital learning. To reflect this transformation MPI has rebranded as MPI Learning a fresh perspective and persona, better representing who we are and what we do now and into the future.

2022 – Mike Smith Joins

Mike Smith takes the helm at MPI Learning as a highly experienced Learning & Development executive, with an extensive track record in the sector, both domestically and globally.

2023 – Dave Buffham Joins

Dave Buffham joins MPI Learning on a permanent basis as a new Director after 10 years in an L&D consultant role with the company. 


A world-class, highly-respected and much sought-after learning and development consultancy.

Our vision is to offer world-class development consultancy that improves the efficiency of businesses around the world.

We aspire to deliver cultural transformation through learning experiences that engage, connect and inspire.


To provide our clients with unique exciting fresh perspectives in our chosen disciplines with business-enhancing embedded learning outcomes for all participants.

Our mission is to provide our customers with unique, exciting and fresh perspectives through engaging digital and onsite solutions. We aim to maximise business performance by empowering teams to achieve their optimum potential and enabling leaders to drive business-enhancing transformation.


Our values

Integrity, transparency, thought-leadership, passion, having a people-development focus and maximising results for our customers.

Our learning values

An energetic approach, impressive materials, transparency and financial efficiency, using creative methodologies, being role-relevant, embracing learning as a life choice, being thought-provoking and providing a return on investment

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