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Ai-Empowered Business Roleplay and Simulation

Practice essential real-world Leadership, Management and Business Skills utilising  Ai-Empowered Business Roleplay & Simulation.


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Management Challenge

The Management Challenge is a team-based leadership development simulation in which your people leaders practice their management skills in realistic scenarios with employees. Participants put their coaching and communication skills to the test in a fast-paced business competition where they engage in critical employee conversations.


  • Communicate and lead in a managerial role
  • Identify employee motivators and skill sets
  • Navigate critical employee conversations
  • Practice giving effective feedback and coaching

Who is it for?

  • New and aspiring people managers

  • Participants in early- to mid-career Leadership Development Programs

  • High-performing individual contributors and team leaders


  • In-person or virtual classroom

  • Facilitated 8-hour experience (shortened formats available)

  • Ideal capstone for blended leadership programs

Why the Management Challenge?

The demands on people managers are growing, and managers are experiencing a higher rate of failure. Management Challenge provides a space for mid- to senior-level managers to practice managing employees and receive meaningful feedback before they make a critical mistake with a direct report. The experience easily integrates into your organization’s management philosophy and frameworks.

How does it work?

Collaboration – Participants work and compete in small teams, managing the motivations and performance of a virtual team.

Practice – AI-enabled technology allows for true-to-life performance and coaching conversations that are followed up with detailed, actionable, realistic feedback for participants.

Reinforce – Realistic video-based workplace scenarios allow managers to practice having critical development and coaching conversations.

Reflect – Facilitator-led debriefs, discussions, and exercises allow managers to reflect, gain insight from feedback, and share their own experiences.

How do I use It?

Management Challenge easily supports your existing leadership development programs, whether you use an in-person or virtual learning journey. It can also form the cornerstone of a new leadership development program. Abilitie has extensive experience in creating impactful leadership development programs for clients around the world. Learn more about our custom program design options for new managers

New ManagersNew managers frequently grapple with the challenge of effectively motivating their team members, often resulting in employee burnout and high turnover rates. Management Ai-Sim provides a safe space for these new leaders to practice the art of management through lifelike scenarios. Comprehensive debrief sessions and feedback mechanisms enable them to learn not only from their own actions but also from their peers.

Aspiring Managers – Many employees assume that the next step in their careers includes managing others, but many aspiring managers do not understand that the work of a manager is often very different from the job of an individual contributor. Management Ai-Sim gives your rising employees the opportunity to practice managing a team and allows them to be more informed about their own career choices.

New Hires – Management Ai-Sim is seamlessly integrated into manager onboarding programs, whether your people are new to management or simply new to management at your company. Wrap your management philosophy, model, and framework around this simulation to give new hires the opportunity to practice and to put their skills to the test.

Get hands-on experience with the Management Challenge

To request a play session, please use the form at the bottom of this page, select Management Challenge and specify “Play Session” in the comment box.

Join us and the Abilitie team for an engaging, competitive look at the power of experiential learning. In this event, you’ll sample a typical Abilitie Management Challenge simulation, including a chance to experience how your employees will enhance their people management skills through hands-on practice and AI-enabled conversations with simulated direct reports.

Client Success

“While all leaders need analytical capabilities … to succeed in the future, leaders will need to develop strong social skills – be adept communicators, relationship builders, and people-oriented problem solvers. At ADM we are building a future generation of leaders through immersive and highly engaging development experiences with Abilitie’s Management Challenge!”

Learning and Development Manager & HR Business Partner Corporate

Management Ai Simulation - Ai-empowered business roleplay & simulation

Executive Challenge

Executive Challenge is a laboratory for senior leaders, helping them better understand complex organizational dynamics and recognize their own leadership blind spots. In this simulation, senior leaders are tasked with running a business in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace — from forming a strategy to making critical personnel decisions, setting operational capacities, and designing effective sales campaigns.

Executive Challenge encourages self-awareness and reinforces cross-functional collaboration, operational excellence, and strategic thinking.

 *Executive Challenge is not yet Ai-Enabled*


  • Translate high-level strategy into sustainable business results

  • Anticipate the impact of operational decisions across the enterprise

  • Recognize personal leadership blind spots that prevent effective execution

  • Practice executive-level influence and presentation skills

Who is it for?

  • Senior Director- and VP-level leaders

  • Participants in senior-level LDPs

  • Intact cross-functional teams at the VP+ level


  • In-person or virtual classroom

  • Facilitated 8 hour experience (shortened formats available)

  • Ideal capstone for leadership programs

  • Perfect kickoff to in-person or virtual off-sites

Why the Executive Challenge?

Executive Challenge provides a space for senior leaders and executives to flex their leadership strengths and gain meaningful insights into business problems and personal areas for growth. The simulated business environment meets leaders where they are and helps them hone their strategic thinking and communication skills.

How does it work?

Teams of participants form companies and compete for customers in a dynamic marketplace.

Each participant assumes an executive role in a cross-functional team and is asked to develop a coherent business strategy.

Roles within the company change frequently, allowing participants to experience the business from different functional points of view.

Teams have to manage both financial and people resources; virtual employees assigned to each participant can be hired away by competitors, leading to unexpected challenges.

This threat makes thinking strategically about talent management critical to success for each team.

Unexpected events, such as acquisition opportunities, product recalls, and intellectual property violations, create high-pressure situations that pose executive-level decision-making and communication challenges.

The experience has a flexible design and seamlessly integrates with broader leadership development initiatives.

The simulation is delivered by certified faculty with extensive leadership and training experience.

Facilitator certification for client-internal trainers is available.

How do I use It?

Executive Challenge can successfully integrate into your leadership development programs for your top-level leaders. The simulation gives them the opportunity to flex and hone their leadership muscles in real-world scenarios.

Executive Challenge can also form the cornerstone of a new senior-level leadership development program. We have extensive experience in creating impactful executive education programs for clients around the world. Learn more about our custom program design options for senior leaders here.

Exec Development ProgrammesMost executives are competitive by nature – and very few enjoy being lectured to. Executive Challenge provides a perfect proving ground for the most senior-level officers of your company in which they learn by doing, seeing the outcomes of their own actions, and reflecting on cause-and-effect relationships.

Strategy Offistes – Executive Challenge is an ideal complement to your next executive strategy meeting. It provides a safe practice space for your leadership team to hone their communication and collaboration skills and uncover personal or team blind spots. It can either be used to kick off or conclude important business strategy meetings.

Executive Team Building – Much more than an outdoor ropes course, Executive Challenge puts your executives in a real-world business competition and allows them to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a fun, immersive team environment. Executives learn how to utilize the strengths of each team member to drive their company to success.

Client Success

This simulation ranks in the top-5 of all the trainings that I have taken in the last 18 years.

Participant from AMD

“In all of my years of training the simulation was by far the most interactive and rewarding of all that I have participated in.”

Participant GE

executive ai simulation<br />

Influence Challenge

Develop your leaders’ abilities to build relationships and refine their communication skills to achieve positive outcomes.

Step into the idyllic town of Grassagreena, where you’ll assume the prestigious role of City Council Member.

Your mission? Represent the interests of your key constituencies, guide the town’s growth and development, and inspire trust among your peers.

This fictional backdrop serves as the ultimate practice ground for real-world leaders to hone their influence skills in Abilitie’s Influence Challenge.

Influence Challenge grassa greena


  • Explore the real-world mindsets and behaviors that enhance influence

  • Create shared interests among disconnected or conflicting stakeholders and groups

  • Practice the tactics of effective reciprocity as a way to build trust and relationships

  • Practice executive-level influence behaviors and communication skills

Skill Areas

  • Develop influence strategies and build support in the face of competing interests

  • Leverage both strategic and tactical influence skills to achieve desired results

  • Practice articulating and defending a position in high-pressure open discussions, while identifying allies and detractors

  • Reflect with peers and apply new learnings to real-world leadership challenges


  • In-person or virtual classroom

  • Facilitated 4-hour experience (shortened formats available)

  • Stands alone or can be integrated seamlessly into existing programs (Capstone for leadership training or a kick-off to in-person or virtual offsites)

Why the Influence Challenge?

Influence Challenge provides a space to flex leadership strengths and gain meaningful insights into personal areas for growth. The simulated environment meets learners where they are and helps them assess and refine their influence skills.

How does it work?

Collaborate – Balance the competing interests of their own key stakeholders while engaging with others to shape the broader economic, social, and political ecosystem.

Practice – Test their ability to empathize as they engage with peer leaders to build trust without relying on authority or formal structures.

Reinforce – Explore the concepts of reciprocity and influence relationships, leveraging persuasive communication techniques to navigate multi-party negotiations in an environment of “coopetition.”

Reflect – Facilitator-led debriefs, discussions, and exercises allow participants to reflect, gain insight from feedback, and share their own experiences.

The simulation is delivered by certified faculty with extensive leadership and training experience and seamlessly integrates with broader leadership development initiatives. Facilitator certification for client-internal trainers is available.

Client Success

“Influence Challenge showed me I need to  improve on coming across as competitive, listen more, and ask more questions.” 

Dell Technologies Employee

” I loved the story like flow of the experience, it kept me engaged and flew by in no time. The lessons and points between meetings were clear and helpful to the game that immediately reinforced my learning.” 

Influence challenge Participant

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