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ELearning, Gamification and Simulation Services

Bespoke ELearning, Gamification, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Simulation Solutions and Services. 

We have capability and capacity in-house to create a suite of bespoke technology enhanced training to take your learners from beginner right through to expert. Our solutions can be deployed to Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile devices. What matters most to us is your audience, their needs and your learning outcomes. 

VR and AR Solutions from MPI Learning

VR and AR Solutions

If you’re looking for an immersive experience where learners can practice risky activities in a safe and realistic environment Virtual Reality may be for you. We for all VR platforms.

Augmented Reality gives you an extra layer of information on top of the real world and is an incredibly exciting solution as it applies to almost every industry and can work from the phone in your pocket.

Elearning Solutions from MPI Learning


If you’re looking for elearning we have a dedicated team who can take care of all of your instructional design and development needs and deliver solutions to meet your budget no matter what size.

Gamification Solutions from MPI Learning


Harnessing the addictive nature of games, grounded in cognitive science with the intention of accelerating learning – what’s not to love? The design team have come from AAA game development and learning design,  what they don’t know about games just isn’t worth knowing.

Simulation Solutions from MPI Learning


Sometimes you need to specialise and practice hard skills. When you need to build muscle memory simulations are a great tool. Simulations can cover cognitive or physical skills and we’ve even built custom hardware to create very powerful learning experiences.

The process to build your solution

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