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Learning Apps and Bespoke LMS Development

MPI Learning provides digital development services to help you design and build the perfect Learning Apps or Learning Management systems.

There is a wide array of off the shelf Learning Apps and Learning Management Systems on the market, and for most businesses they do exactly what is needed. But not all businesses are the same, and you may be one of those businesses looking for something a bit different, something that gives you that competitive edge when it comes to your learning and development. Our bespoke digital development service might be the next step towards you achieving learning and development excellence.  It might be that you are looking to streamline your learning pathways, either way we are happy to discuss your current development needs. 

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Bespoke LMS development service from MPI Learning

Learning Management Systems

We often find that off-the-shelf LMS platforms can prove to be very costly as most require the client to sign up on a licence basis which can get very expensive when you have lots of employees.

We also hear only too often that the current offerings in the market never quite do exactly what our clients want them to do so MPI offers an ability to build a custom created LMS platform, to meet the exact needs of the customer and we can provide you with the option of paying a one off fee for the development, meaning that you become the owners of the LMS upon the invoice being paid. It doesn’t matter how much functionality you want your LMS to contain, we can work with you to build to your exact specifications.

Some clients just want to have an ability to check that employees have successfully undertaken a particular training module but others want and need much more functionality, including personalised company branding, having an ability to check understanding through a pass/fail test, having an ability to report to line managers, personalized user experience, offline learning trackers, automated alerts and notifications, centralized learning materials, flexible reporting and analytics and on occasions, integration to existing company platforms. MPI is able to offer you a tailor made platform to meet your exact needs.

In addition to providing you with a custom built LMS, we can also offer to design and build custom made SCORM compliant e-learning modules. Lots of off-the-shelf modules already exist but don’t provide you with the ability to change the branding or custom write content that specifically meets the needs of your organisation but MPI has years of experience in helping clients to create exactly what they need, regardless of the topic.

We can either work with your internal subject matter experts to create the content or provide our own experts to help you to do this. Our creative team will then work with you on ways to deliver the content in the most engaging ways possible, using multiple options such as interactive video, click and reveal, drag and drop, mini quizzes and much more. We’ve developed dozens of custom created modules which we can demo to you to help bring our ideas to life.

Bespoke Performance Management App Development from MPI Learning

Performance Management Apps

There are lots of performance management applications in the market but our customers tell us that all too often, they don’t fit their bespoke needs. There are multiple ways performance management can operate and some of our clients have very specific needs regarding the functionality that they require and rarely do they find it from template solutions. They also tell us that the cost of licencing template solutions can prove to be horrendous when multiplied by the number of staff and the number of years it is used for so MPI can provide a totally bespoke solution to build a performance management supplication that meets your exact needs. Regardless of whether you want to run the cycle every 6 weeks, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or leave it completely open between a team leader and team member, our developers can create you exactly what you need.

Some clients need to run performance management in different ways across multiple countries and continents and we also have experience of doing this. We can cover everything including vision and values, role profile creation, Induction, on-boarding and probation through to competencies and behaviours, reviews, development plans, 1 to 1s and archived plans and the best part is that we can tailor everything to your needs.

Bespoke Colleague Engagement App Development service from MPI Learning

Colleague engagement Apps

How engaged are your colleagues at work and how do you measure it? Lots of organisations have end of year employee opinion surveys which by the time the results are in and analysed, are usually too late to take meaningful action about. With wellbeing becoming ever more important, can you afford to wait to hear if there are underlying emotional issues developing with individuals or worse still teams or the company as a whole? Here at MPI, we have created a number of applications that enable managers to check how their team members are feeling on a frequent basis, as well as providing all employees with an ability to share their emotions as often as they like.

Teams and the company as a whole, then have a holistic view of and can take a ‘temperature check’ of how their colleagues are feeling, at any given point in time. We find that this is such a powerful way of engaging with colleagues, giving everyone a voice and allowing instant feedback on any underlying issues within the organisation. We would be happy either demonstrate the tools we’ve already developed or look to build you a bespoke tool to meet the needs of your organisation. Let us know how we can help.

Bespoke Communication App Development Service from MPI Learning

Communication Apps

Communication is everything in an organisation but too few take it seriously enough. Here at MPI, we have created a number of communications applications that enable companies to share internal news either to the entire operation or to selected groups of staff, but possibly more importantly, to also hear back on what colleagues think. We have provided an ability for colleagues to ‘like’ stories, use ‘emojis’ to show how they are feeling, provide an ability to ‘comment’ on a story or even ‘comment against individuals responses.’

This becomes a very powerful tool in being able to quickly identify how colleagues are feeling about certain topics and very often, the organisations we’ve built these communications tools for, ask that we additionally include ‘survey’ functionality as well, in order that they can dive deeper into underlying issues. If you would like us to demo some of our tools to you or look to build a bespoke internal communications application that meets your specific needs, let us know.

The process to build your APP or LMS

Coaching Skill Learning Apps and Bespoke LMS Development


We start the process by discussing your needs, what are your end goals, your vision for your product

Account Management Skill Learning Apps and Bespoke LMS Development


We present our proposed solution, we take any final feedback and discuss the options

Design skill Learning Apps and Bespoke LMS Development


The proposed solution is fleshed out and any design and functionality elements are signed off

webdesign skill Learning Apps and Bespoke LMS Development


If agreed the development process begins, refine and sign off any fine details that may have been missed.

Organisational Development Skill Learning Apps and Bespoke LMS Development


We test the thoroughly and apply any security or integration as required

Marketing Skill Learning Apps and Bespoke LMS Development


When testing is finalised and the solution is signed off we will guide you through the deployment process

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