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Cultural Transformation Programmes

Our Cultural Transformation Programmes are proven to achieve the shift in values, behaviours & culture our clients require. 

Cultural transformation is the strategic shift in mindset and culture enabling an organisation or individual areas of an organisation to significantly improve its overall performance. It requires changing the outlook, behaviour and skills of your people within the business to support this shift towards a new culture and cultural transformation.

Individuals must first have the will to change their behaviour. They must understand what this behaviour change will look like, and have the necessary tools to enable this change. You cannot, not have a business culture. Left alone, people will develop their own and this may be positive and aligned to the vision and values of your organisation, but more often it might not. Don’t leave the culture of your business to chance, talk to us about cultural transformation today. 

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Who is it for?

Businesses that have a less than positive culture and who are looking to create a positive culture shift aligned to a new corporate vision and values for the organisation, The cultural transformation process must be driven from both a culturally strategic perspective and a strong and willing leadership implementation. Culture change starts from the top!

Through properly implemented cultural transformation you and your organisation will thrive and grow; get them wrong and your business will stay still or, more than likely, end up going backwards. 

cultural transformation programmes

We can deliver your learning in person, virtually or via elearning.


Bespoke Cultural Transformation training programmes designed and built for your business leaders.


Bespoke Cultural Transformation courses designed and built for your business leaders.


Bespoke Cultural Transformation workshops designed and built for your business leaders.

The impact it will have

The competition is sharpening their propositions and enriching their cultures to support greater levels of teamwork and performance. Cultural transformation is everywhere.

If you want your organisation to win, MPI’s bespoke cultural transformation programme will give you the tools to succeed. Each area of your business is affected by transformational shifts. Every member of your organisation, – employees, directors and managers – are different in their personalities and appetite for change.

Effective strategic change management leads to positive business cultural transformation because it aligns the vision and values of your organisation with everyone in your business. Effective coaching for leaders of the change process is essential for the business’s goals, its culture and a positive outcome overall. Click the button below for a cultural transformation example in action.

Read the Harvard Business Review blog on corporate culture.

The process to build your learning programme

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Consultation discussions focusing on MPI inside out approach

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Storyboarding options and approaches

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Build solutions and materials

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Bespoke facilitators appointed

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Multi–channel tool-sets and activities

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Dialling in and forward momentum

What our clients said

At MPI, we approach each project with the customer’s needs as the focus. That’s why we embrace collaboration – to give you exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

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MPI Learning epitomises everything I would look for in a supplier from a true partnership perspective. They seek to understand the key business drivers, take a truly commercial approach and have the ability and credibility to build relationships with senior stakeholders across the business at pace. Jerry is a pleasure to work with.

Jayne Nuttal – Barclays

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If you would like to know more about our Cultural Transformation Programmes please get in touch.


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