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Professional Sales Leadership Training

What is Sales Leadership Training, and why does it matter to your business?

Sales Leadership Training is the process of upskilling Sales Leaders and Managers in the art of motivating and driving their sales teams to success.

Sales leaders are the driving force behind all successful sales teams. A well trained and high performing sales leader will engage, inspire and develop their teams through empowerment and nurturing supportive coaching sales culture. All of this provides the best platform for better performing sales teams and ultimately higher sales volumes.

Sales Leadership training courses are a must if you need a healthier bottom line and a more profitable business.

At MPI, we recognise that sales leaders must be developed and nurtured because not everyone is natural. What we aim to do is to help you develop Sales Leaders who are capable of driving their teams forward. Strong leaders develop strong teams, and strong teams drive impressive results.

Who is it for?

Sales Leadership training is for any business looking to upskill and develop their sales leaders with the ability to drive sustained high performance through their salespeople, strong sales leadership is key to improving your sales teams, sales volumes, your customer satisfaction and engagement levels.

Whether your business is large or small, it’s important to set up your sales leaders for success. Through Sales Leadership training you will equip them with the ability to properly motivate and engage with their sales team, and you will enable them to achieve unprecedented results over time.

This transformation doesn’t happen overnight but with the correct processes in place, you will embed the new sales leadership in the muscle and enable effective change in your sales leaders.

Sales Leadership Training, Sales leadership Courses

We can deliver your learning in person, virtually or via elearning.


Bespoke Sales Leadership training programmes designed and built for your Sales Leaders.


Bespoke Sales Leadership courses designed and built for your Sales Leaders.


Bespoke Sales Leadership workshops designed and built for your Sales Leaders.

The impact it will have

Don’t leave the success of your sales teams to chance. Investing in your Sales Leaders and Managers through a well-designed sales leadership training course or programme always results in engaged and empowered sales leaders, sales teams have aligned goals, increased motivation and ultimately, higher performance through increased conversions and a happy sales force.

We believe the best results are achieved through a bespoke programme. Using our considerable experience and expertise, we can help you to create a programme designed specifically to suit your industry, sales leadership style and internal organisational needs.


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Developing your Sales Leaders will enable them to:

  • Create a vision of the future that’s exciting and your salespeople want to contribute to.
  • Create an environment conducive to sales success.
  • Engage and align their sales team to the common goal.
  • Coach and develop their sales team’s key skills and behaviours.
  • Be inclusive and enable everyone in the sales team to succeed.
  • Understand and know what motivates their Sales Team.

Sales Leadership Training will ultimately deliver significant breakthroughs in alignment, confidence and sales performance.

Read the 7 attributes of the most effective sales leaders by the Harvard Business Review.


The process to build your learning programme

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Consultation discussions focusing on MPI inside out approach

design icon2 Sales Leadership Training


Storyboarding options and approaches

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Build solutions and materials

deliver icon2 Sales Leadership Training


Bespoke facilitators appointed

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Multi–channel tool-sets and activities

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Dialling in and forward momentum

If you would like to know more about our Sales Leadership Training please get in touch.


Our Experts

Our Consultants, Trainers & Designers are some of the best in the industry. Hand picked for each project, we ensure they are the right people to deliver, design and lead your people through their learning journey.

emre hasan saylik 1 Emre Hasan Saylik

Emre Hasan Saylik

Principal Consultant

Emre brings extensive business and marketing experience to his clients with a financial services, banking and marketing background over 25 years. He provides learning facilitation, team coaching and leadership training services for corporate clients and supports SME league company owners as experienced business coach.
Helen Worthy

Helen Worthy

Principal Consultant

Helen is a Learning and Development Consultant with over 18 years experience, who works globally across sectors achieving results through working closely with each client identifying key business challenges, to then design and deliver solutions that hits the bottom line. Combining both an innovative and pragmatic approach Helen enables sustainable behavioural change at an individual and organisational level.
fred copstake 1 Fred Copestake

Fred Copestake

Principal Consultant

Fred is an experienced consultant, trainer, coach and an expert in helping sales professionals around the world to improve their performance and unleash their full potential. Fred has delivered projects that range from implementing a European academy for a leading beer brand, developing sales skills in the Middle East for global healthcare companies, and introducing account development and sales leadership models in Latin America and Europe for IT and engineering multinationals.
Glenda Baily Bray

Glenda Baily Ray

Principal Consultant

Glenda is a passionate and experienced Organisational Change specialist with a strong track record of delivering successful change programmes that maximise opportunities through people. Glenda boasts extensive practical experience earned with a raft of well-known national and international organisations across both private and public sector.
carl hasselbach

Carl Hasselbach

Principal Consultant

Carl has extensive experience across multiple industries including Pharma, IT, Hospitality, non-food, food service and FMCG. As well as European Markets, and having Dutch as my Native language, being Fluent in English and German and Semi-Fluent in French.
Sandra Pirez 1 Sandra Pires

Sandra Pires

Principal Consultant

Sandra Pires has been an unexpected partner since 2012. Who is responsible for designing and delivering unexpected transformational programs. Besides the unexpected, Sandra collaborates with MPI as an associate trainer for global projects, and is responsible for delivering projects in several markets like Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Angola.
danny lavery

Danny Lavery

Principal Consultant

Danny is a Senior Learning & Development professional with a passion and expertise in Facilitation, People Development and Coaching. Extensive experience in the Global banking sector particularly in Team & Leadership Development, Business Coaching and Behavioural Skills Development. He is at his best when facilitating Learning & Development sessions.
Dr Angela Armstrong

Dr Angela Armstrong

Principal Consultant

Angela is a highly qualified and commercially minded learning and development professional with over 20 years’ experience. She develops leaders, teams and individuals so they deliver on their most pressing ‘what and how’ strategies related to purpose, performance, authentic leadership and team development in the context of culture change, inclusion and resilience.
natalie jivkova 1 Natalie Jivkova

Natalie Jivkova

Principal Consultant

In 2002 Natalie started her experience as a trainer and facilitator through supporting the learning process and personal development of young people and adults. Natalie has since been passionate about lifelong and non-formal learning. Since then she has been working in various national and international projects (educational, environmental, social, youth, peace) in the non-governmental sector.
anne clarke 1 Anne Clark

Anne Clark

Principal Consultant

Anne has a successful career spanning over 25 years in the financial and banking industry which has given Anne the understanding and ability to work at all levels, this has enabled her to add so much value to the team, our clients and her coaches. Anne was previously an MD in Financial Services where she was responsible for leading the Retail Performance of a Region, where she was recognised with various National Achievement Awards.

What our clients said

At MPI, we approach each project with the customer’s needs as the focus. That’s why we embrace collaboration – to give you exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

quote mark left Sales Leadership Training

MPI Learning epitomises everything I would look for in a supplier from a true partnership perspective. They seek to understand the key business drivers, take a truly commercial approach and have the ability and credibility to build relationships with senior stakeholders across the business at pace. Jerry is a pleasure to work with.

Jayne Nuttal – Barclays

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