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Behavioural and Competency Framework Design

What is Behavioural and Competency Framework Design, and why does it matter to your business?

Behavioural Competency Framework provides the standards and expectations that leaders are required to deliver against to help your organisation achieve its goals.

In simple terms, a behaviour and competency framework gives you the structure to deliver success long term.

We work with you to define the steps your leaders and employees need to take in order to be successful in their roles, and how this impacts the business as a whole. This gives everyone a clear view of how their efforts link to business success.

Who is it for?

For Businesses looking to enable their leaders to assess their people against a set of Behavioural and Competency standards that improve overall business performance.

By collecting and combining competency information, you can create a standardised approach to performance that’s clear and accessible to all of your employees.

Behavioural and Competency Framework Design support from MPI Learning

We can deliver your learning in person, virtually or via elearning.


Bespoke Behavioral Competency Framework training programmes designed and built for your Leaders & Managers.


Bespoke Behavioral Competency Framework courses designed and built for your Leaders & Managers.


Bespoke Behavioral Competency Framework workshops designed and built for your Leaders & Managers.

The impact it will have

Creating and implementing a successful behavioural and competency framework will not only allow your employees to work more effectively and achieve their potential but there are also valuable business benefits.

Linking personal performance with corporate goals and values makes it easy for your staff to see their impact on the business.

Read the CIPD Competency Framework Fact Sheet


Jerry presenting

A Behavioural Competency Framework will enable you to:


  • Effectively measure that your people demonstrate the skills and behaviours to grow your business.
  • Hire the right people for your organisation based on their skills, attitudes and behaviours, increasing productivity and reducing attrition.
  • Performance manage and reward people more effectively by recognising exceptional performance and addressing any development issues.
  • Identify skill and competency gaps more efficiently to build targeted development initiatives focusing on key skills and behaviours.
  • Plan and execute effective talent management and succession plans that will retain and grow talent, allowing for future resource planning.
  • Improve performance and reduce costs by having the right people with the right skills and behaviours focusing on your business priorities.

The process to build your learning programme

explore icon2 Behavioural and Competency Framework Design


Consultation discussions focusing on MPI inside out approach

design icon2 Behavioural and Competency Framework Design


Storyboarding options and approaches

develop icon2 Behavioural and Competency Framework Design


Build solutions and materials

deliver icon2 Behavioural and Competency Framework Design


Bespoke facilitators appointed

embed icon Behavioural and Competency Framework Design


Multi–channel tool-sets and activities

evaluate icon2 Behavioural and Competency Framework Design


Dialling in and forward momentum

If you would like to know more about our Behavioural and Competency Framework Design services please get in touch.


Our Experts

Our Consultants, Trainers & Designers are some of the best in the industry. Hand picked for each project, we ensure they are the right people to deliver, design and lead your people through their learning journey.

Glenda Baily Bray

Glenda Baily Ray

Principal Consultant

Glenda is a passionate and experienced Organisational Change specialist with a strong track record of delivering successful change programmes that maximise opportunities through people. Glenda boasts extensive practical experience earned with a raft of well-known national and international organisations across both private and public sector.
carl hasselbach

Carl Hasselbach

Principal Consultant

Carl has extensive experience across multiple industries including Pharma, IT, Hospitality, non-food, food service and FMCG. As well as European Markets, and having Dutch as my Native language, being Fluent in English and German and Semi-Fluent in French.
Craig Wardman

Craig Wardman

Principal Consultant

Craig works as an independent professional Learning and Development Consultant who specialises in highly effective and Motivational Delivery and facilitation of Leadership Development and Relationship Management sales programmes, as well as offering a wealth of experience in 1 to 1 business and life coaching. He has extensive experience of working with multi-national organisations, originating with many of the World’s Leading Financial Services organisations.
Tara Zutshi

Tara Zutshi

Principal Consultant

Tara is a sought after facilitator of leadership development, team and group coaching, latterly specialising in supporting women in business. Having spent 20 years in industry, leading teams selling some of the high streets best loved brands to both retail and on-trade customers. Her impressive sales career spanned into multiple global companies. She realised that she would find more fulfilment and purpose in life by retraining as an executive coach and following her passion to develop teams and individuals to reach their full potential.
Sandra Pirez 1 Sandra Pires

Sandra Pires

Principal Consultant

Sandra Pires has been an unexpected partner since 2012. Who is responsible for designing and delivering unexpected transformational programs. Besides the unexpected, Sandra collaborates with MPI as an associate trainer for global projects, and is responsible for delivering projects in several markets like Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Angola.
Stuart Bell Principal Consultant

Stuart Bell

Principal Consultant

An experienced sports and global corporate professional with a comprehensive management and leadership skill set applied across multiple industries. Senior management expertise within HR, Learning, Development and Talent together with Director roles in Retail and Commercial sectors. Broad academic knowledge, skilled at providing culturally appropriate, robust and pragmatic support to companies through designing and delivering effective interventions which always deliver tangible results.
aj bundy 2 Ajay Bundy

Ajay Bundy

Principal Consultant

A skilled OD & Leadership Development consultant, Ajay was awarded her MSc in Organisation & People Development in. Her expertise lies in using coaching & facilitation to empower teams and individuals to realise their own and their organisation’s potential, with a focus on appreciating and leveraging difference, noticing patterns & themes and developing multiple perspectives.
emre hasan saylik 1 Emre Hasan Saylik

Emre Hasan Saylik

Principal Consultant

Emre brings extensive business and marketing experience to his clients with a financial services, banking and marketing background over 25 years. He provides learning facilitation, team coaching and leadership training services for corporate clients and supports SME league company owners as experienced business coach.
Sarah Jones Principal Consultant MPI Learning

Sarah Jones

Principal Consultant

Sarah is an enthusiastic facilitator, innovative designer and effective deliverer of high impact training events. Her ability to bring out the best in people by supporting creativity and innovation, combined with effective teamwork and performance management ensures a strong focus on the provision of excellent customer service.
nick jerome 1 Nick Jerome

Nick Jerome

Principal Consultant

Nick Jerome is an accredited coach and facilitator, who has been designing and delivering leadership and management programmes across a wide range of organisations in the UK and across Europe for over 15 years. Based in London, he also speaks French and has worked with a number of clients in France, as well as coaching Masters students at Edhec Business School in France for the past 10 years.

What our clients said

At MPI, we approach each project with the customer’s needs as the focus. That’s why we embrace collaboration – to give you exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

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MPI Learning epitomises everything I would look for in a supplier from a true partnership perspective. They seek to understand the key business drivers, take a truly commercial approach and have the ability and credibility to build relationships with senior stakeholders across the business at pace. Jerry is a pleasure to work with.

Jayne Nuttal – Barclays

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