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Employee Development Centres

What is an Employee Development Centre, and why does it matter to your business?

Your people are your most important asset. Providing focused employee development for them is critical because they are integral to succession planning for the future. Recognising their qualities, as well as the areas that need developing, gives you something to focus on and aim towards. Not only is this good for your business, but it’s good for the future of your people too.

Employee Development centres use a series of exercises and psychometric testing to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in your teams. We’ll then work with you to establish the skills and behaviours they need to develop further and create a realistic path to success.

Who is it for?

Businesses looking to build a employee development centre tailored to the needs of their workforce – suitable for all skill levels, job roles and learning styles.

Facilitators for the employee development centre are chosen depending upon your desired outcomes and subject areas to ensure the right fit for your business overall.

Employee development centres are a great way to support staff by helping them create their own development path to success, and an ideal way to assist their managers in supporting that journey.

Employee Development Centre Design and Training

We can deliver your learning in person, virtually or via elearning.


Bespoke Employee Development Centre training programmes designed and built for your business.


Bespoke Employee Development Centre courses designed and built for your business.


Bespoke Employee Development Centre workshops designed and built for your business.

The impact it will have

Clients who have implemented an effective employee development centre have benefited from increased productivity and team cohesion that has contributed to an improved bottom line and business growth. Why? Because staff felt more proficient and motivated in their roles than ever before.

That’s not all, because when employees feel happier and more engaged in their role, they are more likely to stay. Demonstrating to your people that you care about their future really does improve employee retention.

We do this by:

Provide direct feedback on your people through trained professionals who’ve watched them in action. Creating personalised development plans to move individuals’ attributes to the next level.

Developing and enhancing skills and behaviours that will have a ‘knock-on’ effect on your bottom line. Providing a platform for future personalised development rather than a ‘sheep dip’ effect. Because you’ll retain talent and career development for all participants, this shows the business wants to invest in its future through its people. Read 6 reasons you need to invest in employee development.


Jerry presenting

The Benefits of having an effective employee development centre and training pathways are:

  • Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of your employees that may not be observed on the surface
  • Targeted development for each individual
  • Proficient self-assessment tools for employees and review processes
  • Aids succession planning
  • Peer lead learning focus 
  • Performance reviews and interventions
  • High levels of support for your employees and their career pathways

The process to build your learning programme

explore icon2 Employee Development Centres


Consultation discussions focusing on MPI inside out approach

design icon2 Employee Development Centres


Storyboarding options and approaches

develop icon2 Employee Development Centres


Build solutions and materials

deliver icon2 Employee Development Centres


Bespoke facilitators appointed

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Multi–channel tool-sets and activities

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Dialling in and forward momentum

If you would like to know more about our Employee Development Centre support services please get in touch.


Our Experts

Our Consultants, Trainers & Designers are some of the best in the industry. Hand picked for each project, we ensure they are the right people to deliver, design and lead your people through their
learning journey.

Glenda Baily Bray

Glenda Baily Ray

Principal Consultant

Glenda is a passionate and experienced Organisational Change specialist with a strong track record of delivering successful change programmes that maximise opportunities through people. Glenda boasts extensive practical experience earned with a raft of well-known national and international organisations across both private and public sector.
sylivia Sepideh Sylvie Portefaix

Sylvie Portefaix

Principal Consultant

Sylvie is a certified coach, with a business management and marketing background. Her expertise consists in co-building new leadership models with her clients as well as working in French and English. Sylvie has occupied marketing and general management positions in the Consumer and Healthcare divisions. As head of marketing and executive committee member for France she's managed sales and marketing teams and key business partners, in France and in Europe.
Dr Angela Armstrong

Dr Angela Armstrong

Principal Consultant

Angela is a highly qualified and commercially minded learning and development professional with over 20 years’ experience. She develops leaders, teams and individuals so they deliver on their most pressing ‘what and how’ strategies related to purpose, performance, authentic leadership and team development in the context of culture change, inclusion and resilience.
aj bundy 2 Ajay Bundy

Ajay Bundy

Principal Consultant

A skilled OD & Leadership Development consultant, Ajay was awarded her MSc in Organisation & People Development in. Her expertise lies in using coaching & facilitation to empower teams and individuals to realise their own and their organisation’s potential, with a focus on appreciating and leveraging difference, noticing patterns & themes and developing multiple perspectives.
terence chiew 1 Terence Chiew

Terence Chiew

Principal Consultant

Terence Chiew is a Performance Consultant who finds joy in working with team leaders to build high-performing teams and achieve organisational success using a plethora of interventions comprising personality traits and values assessment, performance consulting, leadership and management training, team building and team alignment.
danny lavery

Danny Lavery

Principal Consultant

Danny is a Senior Learning & Development professional with a passion and expertise in Facilitation, People Development and Coaching. Extensive experience in the Global banking sector particularly in Team & Leadership Development, Business Coaching and Behavioural Skills Development. He is at his best when facilitating Learning & Development sessions.
Tara Zutshi

Tara Zutshi

Principal Consultant

Tara is a sought after facilitator of leadership development, team and group coaching, latterly specialising in supporting women in business. Having spent 20 years in industry, leading teams selling some of the high streets best loved brands to both retail and on-trade customers. Her impressive sales career spanned into multiple global companies. She realised that she would find more fulfilment and purpose in life by retraining as an executive coach and following her passion to develop teams and individuals to reach their full potential.
Stuart Bell Principal Consultant

Stuart Bell

Principal Consultant

An experienced sports and global corporate professional with a comprehensive management and leadership skill set applied across multiple industries. Senior management expertise within HR, Learning, Development and Talent together with Director roles in Retail and Commercial sectors. Broad academic knowledge, skilled at providing culturally appropriate, robust and pragmatic support to companies through designing and delivering effective interventions which always deliver tangible results.
emre hasan saylik 1 Emre Hasan Saylik

Emre Hasan Saylik

Principal Consultant

Emre brings extensive business and marketing experience to his clients with a financial services, banking and marketing background over 25 years. He provides learning facilitation, team coaching and leadership training services for corporate clients and supports SME league company owners as experienced business coach.
Helen Worthy

Helen Worthy

Principal Consultant

Helen is a Learning and Development Consultant with over 18 years experience, who works globally across sectors achieving results through working closely with each client identifying key business challenges, to then design and deliver solutions that hits the bottom line. Combining both an innovative and pragmatic approach Helen enables sustainable behavioural change at an individual and organisational level.

What our clients said

At MPI, we approach each project with the customer’s needs as the focus. That’s why we embrace collaboration – to give you exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

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MPI Learning epitomises everything I would look for in a supplier from a true partnership perspective. They seek to understand the key business drivers, take a truly commercial approach and have the ability and credibility to build relationships with senior stakeholders across the business at pace. Jerry is a pleasure to work with.

Jayne Nuttal – Barclays

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