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Talent Liberation Programme

The Talent Liberation Programme looks to build a competitive advantage by maximising existing talent, building
agility, increasing engagement and developing capability.

Your existing employees are your most valuable asset, and within that pool there are extremely bright individuals ready to make the breakthrough. Don’t risk losing the talent you have, help them become their best. If you are interested in Talent Liberation and what it can do for your business contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.

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Talent isn’t scarce

Talent Isn’t Scarce, It’s our ability to set it free that is in short supply.

Talent management as practised in most organisations is not fit for purpose. It is driven by an underlying assumption that talent is scarce; it is based on narrow views of future organisational needs and a preoccupation with the contribution of individual heroes’’.

A more dynamic approach is needed that harnesses more of the talent that is lying dormant and that recognises the real challenges facing organisations and individuals in this changing work environment Talent Liberation provides a solution. It looks to build competitive advantage through maximising existing talent, building agility , increasing engagement and developing capability.

Talent Liberation from MPI Learning

Talent Liberation is positioned through five premises

Talent Liberation is positioned through five premises that draw on the agile movement to provide a fundamental reappraisal of the talent agenda. These premises are then applied through a range of strategic and tactical tools such as the Talent Compass. These practical tools help organisations, leaders and individuals to take a strategic, risk based approach to identifying priorities. The solutions go beyond implementation of processes to include the informal talent climate , a view across the talent ecosystem and partnership between the individual and the organisation.

We are passionate about liberating talent throughout organisations. We offer consultancy services, in house events, workshops, key notes and a range of talent liberation resources, based on extensive research as described in our influential book ‘From Talent Management to Talent Liberation’.

talent liberation consultation process

Consultancy Services.

We offer flexible and bespoke consultancy, where we contribute fresh thinking and practical ideas. We can work alongside you to develop and implement a talent strategy that fits the short and long term needs of your organisation. We can also support you on specific aspects of your strategy such as engaging leaders in the talent agenda, collecting data to support strategy development, identifying career pathways or coaching specific people.


In house Events & Workshops Services

We can facilitate a variety of in house events and workshops. These can be aimed at HR (helping them to understand their role in talent liberation), or leaders (developing skills and habits to support everyone to be their personal best) or for individuals (providing them with the understanding and commitment to lead their own career). Whatever the topic and the audience, we will provide a challenging, supporting and inspiring event.

key note speaking and conference talen liberation from MPI Learning

Conference Keynotes and Writing

Dr. Maggi Evans is an experienced and sought after international author, speaker and leadership consultant. She is passionate about liberating talent in ways that benefit the individual and the organisation. She brings together research and practise to help organisations to find practical ways to drive their competitive advantage. She is known for her engaging style, and for sharing stories and examples that inspire action. She also collaborates with clients to develop and write thought leadership pieces on talent, leadership, change and engagement.

Dr Maggi Evans is an influential consultant with extensive international experience of strategy, senior leadership, change and talent. Focused on building competitive advantage, she is committed to translating academic insights into pragmatic business solutions.

Results for our Clients

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For over 10 years of engaging with MPI Learning across various businesses, they have consistently focussed on understanding the people issues, created a programme to correct and improve the situation, then instigate a monitoring system to ensure successful implementation. MPI Learning are competent, professional, focussed and working with them is a real pleasure.

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