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IT Sales Training & Distributor Sales Training Courses

IT Sales and IT Distribution is a highly competitive world, we have designed a range of IT Sales training courses & IT Distributor courses to help you and your business gain a competitive edge.

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Accelerate your IT sales  & Distribution

Too often we fail to plan our route to achieving our goals for the coming year, our IT Sales Training Courses and IT Distributor Sales Training Courses support the salesperson in creating their own plan to success.

Imagine the scenario where your people looked at their role as running their ‘Own Business’, their targets and objectives considered as what is needed for their business to succeed, our IT Sales Training and IT Distributor Sales Training Courses can help you achieve this.

IT Sales Training and IT Distribution Sales Training Courses from MPI Learning

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IT Sales Training & IT Distributor Sales Training Courses

Business Sales Planning ILT 2 days

This IT Sales Planning programme enables individual salespeople to plan for the year ahead through the development of a Business Sales Plan. A wise person once said, ‘if you fail to plan you are planning to fail’. This is particularly true in sales, we all know what are objectives and targets are, however do we know where we are going to gain our successes and where we have left ourselves open to not achieve.

Effective Communication ILT 2 days

The Effective Communication Programme is aimed at helping to overcome a current or ongoing business challenge. IT isn’t just your networking group these days, more of your business units have a stake in and need to be involved in future infrastructure and network planning.

Key Account Management ILT - 2 days

Too often Sales teams either do not have or create Key Account Plans and then do not put these into action. This programme looks at why there is a need for a plan and more importantly how to action this. The end session allows time for the salesperson to review their plan and add the detail that helps them to focus as they need to. 

Performance Management & Coaching ILT 2 days

Performance Management is a holistic process that ensures the individuals performance contributes to business objectives. It provides the manager the opportunity to continually review and assess individual performance and identify development needs. Enables the manager to provide performance coaching to give the individual the opportunity to achieve their objectives.

Relationship and Account Management 2 days

This 2-day IT Sales Training programme is aimed at creating a strong customer relationship by enhancing the skill sets of the Sales Teams. Enables the Hunters and Farmers to gain a better understanding of the customer’s business and how they can add value to support them. True relationships mean more business.

Sales Management 3 days

This IT Sales Training programme is aimed at supporting those in the role of Sales Management or who are on a path towards being a Sales Manager. Our approach to strengthening the Sales Culture starts with the Sales Managers at each level within the business. As part of this programme, we will include the discipline of a robust process and ways of doing things within the business.

Sales Enablement e-learning Sales Skills Programme

The programme takes the participant through the core skills to enable them to embark upon sales success. The addition of additional learning around personal and customer behaviours and how these can impact upon customer engagements at all levels. 

Sales Management and Leadership 3 days

We often find that Sales Managers have been promoted through the ranks based upon their sales skills rather than their skills of managing and developing people. The skill set of being a Sales Manager is quite different and with this programme we aim at enabling them to raise the performance of your people by how you lead and manage them.

Sales Management 3 days

This programme is aimed at supporting those in the role of Sales Management or are on a path towards being a Sales Manager. Our approach to the strengthening of the Sales Culture starts with the Sales Managers at each level within the business. As part of this programme we will include the discipline of a robust process and ways of doing things within the business.

Sales Development Centre

A centre aimed at assessing competence based around skills and knowledge of salespeople. A case study will be created based upon the delegates role which takes the salesperson through the whole sales process. We identify what they do well and the areas that they need to improve upon. Often the sessions are filmed as part of the feedback process for each individual

Selling Outcomes for Commercial Markets 2 days

A skills workshop to help Cisco partners drive growth in their mid-market commercial business by equipping their sales people with the soft skills and capabilities. Enabling them to identify prospective client business outcomes in new-name accounts, establish and develop a relationship to close business with the minimum timeframe.

Social Selling

This 1 day event is aimed at: Sales professionals to maximise the use of social media tools and techniques available to enhance sales activity, develop relationships and lift sales results. Focusing on how to use technology available to simplify and streamline sales activity which top performers already understand.

Solution Selling 4 days

A programme that develops the salespersons engagement skills in a way that makes solution selling easier. The outcome for the individual is more in-depth conversations with the Partner or End Customer which generates a higher volume of profitable sales. Creates stronger relationships between the Partner, Distributor and the Customer.

Impactful Presentation Skills 2 days

During the programme the participants will learn the importance of a positive mindset when presenting, and, using Steve Jobs’ philosophy as a template, they will learn how to structure their presentations for maximum audience buy-in; design visuals that will both inform and wow; and deliver their key messages in the most impactful and memorable way.

Results for our Clients

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MPI Learning epitomise everything I would look for in a supplier from a true partnership perspective. They seek to understand the key business drivers, take a truly commercial approach and have the ability and credibility to build relationships with senior stakeholders across the business at pace. they are a pleasure to work with.

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