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Relationship Based Sales Training Programmes

We provide High-Quality Relationship Based Sales Training to enable your Sales Force to build lasting B2B Sales relationships.

To form profitable relationships, it’s key that your sales teams learn to see the world through your customers’ eyes. Successful relationship-based selling is built on aligning your business needs, with your customers’ demands and being aware of how to create worthwhile exchanges.

MPI’s Relationship Based Sales Training Programme has delivered successful results for our clients, time and time again. Through our bespoke programme, your salespeople can learn the basics of relationship-based selling before transferring those skills directly into existing sales processes.

Important skills such as organisation and time planning, presenting solutions that fit your customers’ needs and objection handling, will all become embedded into your sales peoples’ approach.

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Who is it for?

MPI’s relationship based Seles Training Programme is ideal for sales teams with high-value products and services or long sales cycles. If your customers need a more personalised approach to buying then you can learn how to establish long-standing, meaningful relationships that ultimately result in partnership based customer relationships.

This bespoke Relationship Bases Sales Training Programme can be delivered through classroom based or self-managed digital learning, making it flexible, and easy to fit around your sales team’s valuable time.

Relationship Based Sales Training, Relationship Selling Course

We can deliver your learning in person, virtually or via elearning.


PBespoke Relationship Based Sales Training programmes designed and built for your Sales Teams.


Bespoke Relationship Based Sales Training Courses designed and built for your Sales Teams.


Bespoke Relationship Based Sales Workshops designed and built for your Sales Teams.

The impact it will have

Having a strong relationship with your customers offers considerable benefits to both you and to them. Not only do your customers receive a service or product that benefits them and keeps them coming back for more, they feel valued and understood.

Developing your sales team’s relationship skills through a relationship based sales training course will increase the frequency and size of sales, and at the same time develop customer loyalty. This inevitably boosts your sales team’s morale and keeps top-level performance at the forefront of their minds. Our programmes are proven, measurable and deliver results.

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The key benefits of Relationship Based Sales Training (relationship selling).

  • Add insight and value to every customer interaction whether it’s a call or email.
  • A tailored approach to each customer’s needs based on their business
  • A better understanding of your customers goals
  • Understand and handle any customer problems through seeing the world from their point of view
  • Create win win solutions that opportunities for you and your client
  • Nurture the relationship post sale and grow the account

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The process to build your learning programme

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Consultation discussions focusing on MPI inside out approach

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Storyboarding options and approaches

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Build solutions and materials

deliver icon2 Relationship Based Sales Training


Bespoke facilitators appointed

embed icon Relationship Based Sales Training


Multi–channel tool-sets and activities

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Dialling in and forward momentum

What our clients said

At MPI, we approach each project with the customer’s needs as the focus. That’s why we embrace collaboration – to give you exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

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MPI Learning epitomises everything I would look for in a supplier from a true partnership perspective. They seek to understand the key business drivers, take a truly commercial approach and have the ability and credibility to build relationships with senior stakeholders across the business at pace. Jerry is a pleasure to work with.

Jayne Nuttal – Barclays

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