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Call Centre Sales Programme

MPI Learning Case Study

Online Bank in the UK - Deepening Customer Relationships through Sales Training.

Call Centre Sales Training Programme, Deepening Customer Relationships – Case Study



Benefiting customers by offering them the right product, at the right time, in the right way. Serving our customers, communities and planet, a little better every day. ‘Making life easier for our customers’

To provide excellent service and value, build the brand, and engage customers around our new products and services that will benefit them. Have engaging conversations introducing new products leveraging the service philosophy and being the bank for people.

Bringing the purpose of, serving our customers, communities and planet to life through behaviours that significantly help our customers through the range of products and services we have as a group. Delivering an outstanding customer experience.



Their customers expect value and their loyalty to be rewarded. To change the culture within Customer Service from providing great service to providing great service complimented with making customers aware of other products and services that may benefit them.

They pride themselves on providing good customer outcomes and this will always be a priority. Their colleagues know the customers best and pride themselves on the support they give them so it’s important they take colleagues and customers with them on this new journey.

Given this is new for the Bank, they were looking to partner with an organisation that shares their values and vision and will work with them to create a great experience for their colleagues, build a scalable model and coach their leaders and L&D team to lead this work in the future and ultimately help them protect their customers.

They see this as being a model that sets them up and helps them embed the change with a view to being self-sufficient in the now and future.

A small pilot will be rolled out and then the wider programme will be implemented across 250 call centre operatives.

Online bank customer sits happily after receiving excellent customer service - call centre sales programme case study



  • Having engaging conversations which provides greater insight into what the Bank and Group can offer to meet their specific needs
  • Will be made aware of products and services which are available based upon their personal needs
  • Will recognise that they are receiving a ‘little better every day’ engagements
  • Will recognise how the Bank is making things easier for them and protecting what matters most to them individually
  • Understand what we are delivering for their community and the planet through the types of conversations they are having with colleagues

The Call Centre Team

  • Asking the right questions to be able to serve our customers and introduce more inhouse products and services
  • Further developed through the internal coaching from L&D and their team leaders and managers
  • Enhanced skills and behaviours through the programme delivery and embedding process
  • Tools to help them do the job

The Bank

  • A programme which supports the group for now and the future
  • A programme which enables the shift in culture for leaders and colleagues
  • The Bank Way further enhanced as an outcome from the programme
  • Adding value to the business through enriched colleague experience and customer engagement
  • The L&D team leading the training across the colleague population, it becomes their programme
  • A partner who is supporting and helping the future thinking for the Bank and Group




It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the Bank, the customers are more engaged, the conversation flows rather than being robotic.

Just Fantastic. Brings the customer to life making the journey more enjoyable and provides the service and product they deserve.

Feel it is better for both the customer and the staff, makes it quicker and less mundane.


It was my first experience with the Bank, All I could say is your support executive did a phenomenal job in explaining all the details and clarifying all my doubts very patiently. The price at which the insurance has been offered is legitimate as compared to what my last provider quoted me for the renewal. Precisely the bank is the right choice I made.


Results of the pilot:


  • Colleagues taking part in the pilot increased sales by 52% compared to pre-pilot data.
  • 30% uplift in add-ons across the pilot teams.
  • New Business NPS increases, on average, by +10 points compared to pre-pilot levels with service NPS increasing by +3 points
  • New Business CSAT increases, on average, by 7% compared to pre-pilot levels with service CSAT increasing by 1%
  • Lapse NPS increases, on average, by +15 points and CSAT by 9%

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