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Client Relationship Management Programme

MPI Learning Case Study

It was clearly identified that the growth of the Mass Affluent segment was extremely critical to the success of our clients Retail New Markets strategy and was therefore one of the most important businesses within the Consumer and Distribution function.

Relationship Management Programme – Case Study

It was clearly identified that the growth of the Mass Affluent segment was extremely critical to the success of our client’s Retail New Markets strategy and was, therefore, one of the most important businesses within the Consumer and Distribution function.

To ensure the growth of this business there was a recognition that it was essential to not only have a strong product proposition but also the ability to attract and maintain the right set of affluent segment customers through an improved service experience (client relationship management).

When comparing the existing proposition with other Mass Affluent propositions in this space, it was recognised that there were negligible differentiators which meant there was hardly any scope for differentiation. The deciding factor being the brand and the overall service experience. It was recognised that to stand apart from the crowd and make customers want to move from existing competitors that there was a requirement to enhance the offer collectively across areas of Product, Relationships, and Service which would enable Retail to attract both the income and asset affluent.

To support the re-launch of a re-vitalised Mass Affluent proposition MPI conducted scoping workshops to discuss and begin to shape the required development programme.

relationship management programme case study

What the issue was

  • Need for improved and enhanced interpersonal and “Soft Skills”.
  • Lack of preparation before calls and no real sales process to continuously follow and achieve desired success levels.
  • RM’s finding prospecting for new business difficult with heavy reliance on referrals.
  • Increased self awareness was required and an understanding of how to build relationships, connect and build rapport with different types of clients and achieve partner status in looking after high net worth client’s comprehensive financial affairs.
  • Unable to confidently articulate and converse with high net worth clients on key financial issues and concerns, without giving advice. Credibility gaps were a key issue here.
  • A need to avoid the ‘product push’ sales mentality and move to a professional, consultative, client-centred approach.
  • Confidence in handling challenging situations, including key objections and questions.

How we solved this

By using the research TNA findings we shaped a bespoke programme of high impact, practical training modules.

The programme involved A modular approach, 3 x 2 day workshops over 3-6 months
Building Premier Client Relationships, Maximise Premier Client Relationships and Nurture and Maintain Premier Client Relationships. Each of the 3 x 2 day events were designed and facilitated by MPI coaches who delivered the learning for the teams throughout the period of the programme.

A critical factor in the programme was achieving performance momentum and these successes required coaching and observation in the field. To assist in this, each Unit Head attended coaching events as part of their Leadership Development.


    • The increased confidence, credibility & professionalism of every RM.
    • Every Premier RM was provided with a practical understanding of innovative, market-leading relationship-based sales techniques.
    • RM’s were able to connect with & influence every high net worth client.
    • Premier RM’s had an increased self awareness of their natural selling style and the impact this has on new & existing clients.
    • We introduced a conscious, structured approach to client calls & meetings, resulting in a highly successful new Premier proposition launch and ambitious growth targets achieved.
    • Supported achievement of local plans for return to profitability. CSI scores achieved with a 37% uplift evident.

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