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Consultative Sales Training Programme

MPI Learning Case Study

The client requested a programme to help the team move from transactional to consultative sales process.

Consultative Sales Training Programme – Case Study



The ‘Sales Summer School’ was born out of a need for additional training for one of the territory managers and their team. The client requested a programme to help the team move from a transactional to a consultative sales process. From the start, we were conscious that we needed to keep it practical and engaging.

The programme consisted of 4 x 3-hour sessions which comprised practical exercises, followed up by individual role-play calls with the facilitator, followed by feedback and coaching. The territory manager was very pleased with the results, and this led to the development of the Sales Summer School.


The subsequent Consultative Sales Training Programme consisted of 4 x 2-hour modules based around a generic sales process incorporating internal Westcon Comstor models and terminology.

We wanted to make it as practical as possible so during the first two modules the group used a case study and role plays to build up a picture of the Partner and their needs; on the third module they learnt an impactful way to structure and deliver a pitch; and on the fourth module they put this into practice by delivering the pitch to the Partner in small groups in a business challenge competing against each other:

Module 1: Opening the Call – Preparation, Elevator Pitch, Personal Impact and Rapport Building

Module 2: Understanding the Partner – Using masterful Questioning and Listening skills to understand the Partner’s current and future situation and uncover needs.

Module 3: Presenting the Solution: The Theory – Structuring and Delivering the pitch with maximum impact; Selling the Westcon Comstor sizzle; Overcoming objections using the ECIT model; and Gaining Commitment.

Module 4: Presenting the Solution: The Practical – pitching in teams to win the business from the Partner.

consultative sales training programme case study

You can read more about consultative sales here The Consultative Sales Process 6 Principles


In general, the training went extremely well, with lots of engagement from the groups. It was challenging having people from all over the world joining the workshop, but not always being able to attend all four sessions.

There were typically 3–5-star performers on each session and the facilitator felt the most powerful element of the programme was the rest of the group experiencing the star performers in action, putting the learning into practice, and seeing the impact on the outcome of the conversations.



Delivered by MPI, Westcon Comstor’s Sales Summer School (Consultative Sales Training Programme) has been an overwhelming success, surpassing all expectations and setting a new standard for comprehensive sales training programs.

The program equipped participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the highly competitive sales industry.

Through a combination of interactive workshops, real-world case studies, and expert-led sessions, The Sales Summer School provided participants with a deep understanding of effective sales strategies, relationship building, and persuasive communication techniques.

The program’s success can be attributed to its practical approach, personalized coaching, and a focus on experiential learning.

Participants not only gained theoretical knowledge but also had the opportunity to put their skills into practice through role-playing exercises and simulations. As a result, The Sales Summer School has produced a cohort of highly motivated and well-prepared sales professionals who are ready to drive revenue growth and exceed targets in their respective organizations.

Whether new to sales or a seasoned veteran, I would encourage all salespeople to take time to use this approach to revisit their sales skills, identify new sales approaches, and practices with peers and look forward to a boost in skills and capability.

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