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Banking Customer Experience Programme

MPI Learning Case Study

The Client was looking for an advantage in an ever more competitive market in the UAE, through research we identified that there was an opportunity to further improve their top level customer experience.

HSBC Customer Experience Programme – Case Study

What the issue was

With an increasingly competitive market place where customers are in a stronger position to choose where they put their business and the ability to change banking service providers simplified, the bank was looking for areas to gain competitive advantage.

One of the areas identified was that of improving ‘customer experience’ and the bank looked to develop a consistent solid approach and mindset to delivering this.

Any solution had to be aligned to the company’s Values and Service Behaviours.

How we solved this

The solution involved an element of bespoke training for ‘front line’ personnel on ‘Creating Exceptional Customer Experience’ which was tailored to reflect the environment participants work in (retail, commercial, contact centre).

The formal training was supported by the creation of ‘Toolkits’ that could be used by Leaders to continue project engagement by delivering scheduled activities and providing coaching based on the specific requirements uncovered through these interventions.

During consultation we detailed analysis and alignment of competencies to Values and Service Behaviours to identify training requirements.  Detailed stakeholder consultation to identify additional requirements and confirm priorities.  Conducted in-field research.        

We created an highly interactive 2 day session for staff with full materials including Facilitator Guide, Participant Handbook, PowerPoint Slides.

Supported the workshop for Leaders incorporating Toolkit launch.  Activities designed to be run in variety of formats including exercises, interviews, huddles and role plays. Each activity self contained with appropriate support documents.  Created the roll-out schedule and ensured the content focused on mindset as well as skills.

Support the training and accreditation of Internal Trainers to allow a more cost effective and speedy roll-out of the programme.  Ensured flexibility and adaptability of design approach to support cost challenges whilst maintaining quality of training assets.  Provided ongoing stakeholder engagement and management.

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Levels of customer satisfaction are increasing and staff engagement improving across the region.

A key element of the success on top of the programme content has been the ability of leaders to become involved and direct both their own and others learning. The Toolkit has provided the springboard for this though individuals have had to use personal skills such as coaching, presenting and problem solving to make this work.

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