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Customer Service Training & Toolkit

MPI Learning Case Study

Our Financial Services client had rolled out a ‘Creating Exceptional Customer Experience’ training programme for branch staff and appointed ‘Ambassadors’ to maintain impetus for improved customer service behaviour.

Customer Service Training & Toolkits – Case Study

A bespoke 70/20/10 blended customer service toolkit solution for our Financial Services client in the UAE.

What the issue was

Their Ambassadors were experiencing difficulty in running activities to promote ongoing focus and development, often resorting to role plays that were ineffective and inconsistent across the business.

How we solved this

MPI embarked on a detailed analysis and alignment of the initial training programme. Then a stakeholder consultation process to identify additional requirements and confirm the priorities of the business. We took into consideration the operating environment and engagement opportunities of the Ambassadors and applied that to the design. Then an initial proof of concept with sample activities were presented and road tested with a select group of stakeholders.

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With this research complete we designed a toolkit consisting of a series of activities to be run by Ambassadors for their branch colleagues.

Activities designed to be run in a variety of formats: Exercises to embed the behaviours and new skills of the programme. Interviews to establish the baseline competency of each staff member and identify areas to work on. Huddles for group learning activities and sharing of knowledge. Role Plays to test new abilities before putting them into action with customers. Self Audits for identifying areas of improvement for the Ambassadors. A poster campaign to raise awareness of the toolkit and its intentions.

We provided a schedule to be run over the course of a year. The Ambassadors were also presented with a full implementation guide and briefing notes for each session.

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