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Sales Academy – Global IT Distribution Partner

MPI Learning Case Study

Our Client identified that their extended sales arm through Distribution and Partner companies needed to review the way they identified and sold Products and Services to their End User Customers.

Partner IT Distribution Sales Academy – Case Study


What the issue was

Global Distribution Companies and Local and Global Reseller Channel Partners were not getting into the sales process quickly enough. There was a need to accelerate volume and profits, they required an Increase in frequency, breadth and size of sales. Salespeople were taking too long to get into their sales conversations and the Partner Experience was not as good as it could be. This also included poor retention levels and low morale in distribution teams. There was a real need to move From Box Selling to Solution Selling through the ‘Consultative Selling process’.

How we solved this

We carried out detailed research with circa 80 Distributors and Partners across EMEAR and the Americas to identify current practices against what was needed for the business. Each Distributor in each country treated differently, local research to finalise the programme, culturally and content style.

The outcome was the creation of 2 programmes:

For the Sales Managers and Leaders to help the embedding of the skills and behaviours for the Sales Programme, this included personal coaching.

For the Sales Teams a Professional Selling programme which included understanding the customer, engaging at a higher level and developing long lasting business relationships.

The Sales programme included Direct Sales Teams as well as Pre Sales Teams and Service Engineers who are involved in the implementation of any product or service purchased, as well as providing the opportunity to cross and upsell.

sales academy, it distributor


The ROI for the programme is $1 invested to $25 return from the programme.
Our robust solution created for this project was delivered globally for Cisco and its Distributors. This is now a globally accredited Cisco distributor learning support programme.

What the Client said

This programme was just what was needed and helped the Distributors to identify further opportunities from their Partner conversations. We have had year on year double digit growth which is recognised as partly due to this programme. It was delivered not just in EMEAR but also in APJAC and the Americas for our Cisco Distributors in these locations as well. We enjoyed working with MPI on this programme and others since, we look forward to continuing this growing relationship.

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