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IT Technology Top Team Development Programme

MPI Learning Case Study

Cisco Meraki is a very successful global business. We were engaged to support their ambitious growth plans to double gross revenue from $2.5bn to $5bn in 2-3 years. The global team is highly motivated however is working with a limited resource base and with a stretching work-load.

UpAGear Top Team Development Programme – Case Study

The plan is exciting, but it is also challenging for them vs the demands, constraints and choices they have. Meraki’s leadership team is highly talented and based around the globe across USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The outcome specifically required from this UpAGear Top Team development programme is:

  • The Team owning the change and taking responsibility and accountability for delivering the results engaging buy-in through their wider teams
  • Agree the roles for the future within the team and how these will be implemented
  • Manage the transition towards the new structure and its full implementation
  • Understand what a ‘High Performing Team’ looks like and go on the journey to achieve this
  • Identify how to make the best of the processes and systems that are currently in place
  • Support the new system implementation when this begins and to manage its transition


What the issue was

A need to:

  • Raise performance across the team
  • Remove the silos that currently exist fostering collaboration across teams for faster delivery of OKRs
  • Obtain a balance of sharing and taking responsibility and accountability across the team
  • Gain buy-in from the team shaping the right approach and the road map designed around how to achieve this
  • Provide scope for the teams development in several dimensions & areas 
  • Provide progression for junior managers (talent liberation) coming through the team
  • Work better together and be more valuable to the business


How we solved this

We have provided a year-long virtual programme which incorporates:

An initial discovery phase to gauge the teams sense of capability, appetite and capacity to what is expected. Highlighting what is good or not so good currently and where breakthroughs are needed.

A 2 day ‘Framework for action’ Workshop where we reflect on what a great year would look like for this team. What lessons could be learnt from what has happened over the last year and producing a set of  3x ‘Best Advice’ mind set frameworks which gives the team the behavioural focus for the coming year. 

We explored what was currently holding them back as a team and from this created an enabling belief for breakthrough performance in the year ahead. 

Finally identified a series of goals to help the team achieve what it needs to over the coming year.

All of this was put onto an Uonline system called uOnline so that it can be monitored, and monthly actions agreed and scored by the team.

Since the 2-day framework we have completed a series of monthly follow up sessions which have enabled the team to score their progress and plan for the coming month alongside a series of tailored team development sessions designed for the team to grow, enhance their understanding of each other. Furthermore creating a true team bond which accelerates overall performance. 


    The team are all based in different locations so that some are taking part at the start of their day and others into the early hours, all are actively taking part and enjoying the process and the learning that is taking place.

    They are a ‘real team’ progressing towards ‘high performance’ status (their measure not ours!) and are already breaking serious performance records and achieving levels of delivery they didn’t think possible.

    Members of this team have already been promoted, based upon their performance and willingness to go the extra mile.

      What the client said

      “I love this process, it has the team all fired up and achieving what they didn’t think was possible. The facilitator’s Jerry and Dave have really revved them up to do what is needed. The fact that they all are on the programme no matter what the time is a great accolade to them and the UpAGear process and the learning & development that they are receiving.”

        Visit the UpAGear website – www.upagear.com

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