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Leading Strategic Transformation

MPI Learning Case Study

Enabling the Leadership of Costain to better: Lead Self, Lead Others, Lead Thinking, Lead Results.

Leading Strategic Transformation – Case Study



Enable the Leadership of Costain to better: Lead Self, Lead Others, Lead Thinking, Lead Results. Specialist content: Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Mental Health. Sponsored by the CEO, an instructor lead, face to face off-site programme, consisting of 10 events. Leadership assessment and 1 to 1 Executive Coaching. Also creative strategic business projects (for learning, and programme evaluation).



The purpose of this programme was to improve the strength of the leadership succession pipeline, create the Mindset shift from operational to strategic, and gain the ability to manage ambiguity. To reduce a silo mentality that hampered collaborative thinking, to integrate networks and cultivate innovation across the business sectors. A cultural shift from traditional civil engineering to a design consultancy to better serve their clients. Create Increased risk tolerance, adaptability and emotional intelligence, Increase agility and capability to lead transformational change from the top down.



The programme resulted in several promotions, including to Sector Director, and women into strategic leadership positions. Several participants made career moves into other sectors of the business. A number of projects were revenue-generating (they were only expected to deliver proof-of-concept). Strong feedback from participants and sponsors in relation to a culture shift and tangible business results. The programme was repeated for 3 more cohorts with equally beneficial results. It attracted more women to apply to strategic leadership positions throughout the business.


Ongoing partnership:

Following the success of the strategic leadership programme, MPI was re-engaged to deliver a large-scale mixed-gender event to progress Costain’s Women in Leadership agenda. MPI was also commissioned to design and provide a programme to accelerate racial diversity and meaningful inclusion across the business. Our partnership continues.


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