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Risk Solutions Sales Transformation

MPI Learning Case Study

We were asked by our client to deliver a risk solutions sales transformation programme, a detailed review of the current sales culture led to a holistic sales transformation programme.

Risk Solutions Sales Transformation – Case Study


Our Client a Risk Solutions Organisation offers a variety of solutions across a wide range of industries to support and minimise risk to business and clients.

The UK & Ireland business had an issue of sales performance across the risk solution business. This was evident from the leadership, management and sales teams where there was a lack of accountability and consistency.

MPI were asked by the MD of the UK & Ireland business to complete a wholesale review at all levels and provide recommendations to bring the business back on track to where it was expected to be performing.

The Review

We completed a research project which involved us meeting and observing all of the leadership and management team as well as a percentage of the sales team.

• Team Meetings
• One to One reviews
• Leadership Team Meetings
• Customer Sales Meetings

Discussions with:
• MD UK & Ireland
• Sales Director
• Business Leaders
• Unit and Team Managers
• Salespeople

It was apparent that the Sales Leadership/Managers have limited connection as to what is happening in regard to sales performance, they don’t appear to drive behavioural performance.

• There was a lack of monitoring of sales performance by line managers and above. Performance is measured purely through £ value. This means that the managers and the business have no insight into what is happening.
• There was no consistent accountability or responsibility for performance, with a soft culture towards performance and results. It is seen to be a ‘work in progress’.

There appears to be a general apathy from the Sales Leadership through Managers and into the salespeople themselves, sales were seen to be made more through order taking than actually creating opportunities, consultation and developing solutions with clients and partners.

As an outcome of the research, we created a series of recommendations which came under the heading of Sales Transformation.

The Recommendations

These were holistic and incorporated all levels as part of the Risk Solutions Sales Transformation Programme.

The recommendations have all been acted upon and are currently being implemented.

  • Review of the Sales Process and skills and behaviours to implement this.
  • The Leadership Team are embarking upon a Senior Team Coaching programme to ensure consistency and focus across the key performance indicators for the business.
  • The Leaders and Managers have received Sales Leadership and Sales Management Training, this is being followed up through field coaching.
  • We have created a Behavioural and Competency Framework for all of this part of the business and this is currently being implemented.
  • The Salespeople have received Relationship Management development as well as focused observation and coaching follow-up.
  • An Accelerated Sales Performance Modular Programme is being designed for delivery to the sales team during 2024, this will be delivered by the Sales Leaders and Managers.

The Outcome

  • MPI Learning is fully immersed in the business which is now ahead of target in terms of not only £ sales but also revenue.
  • Field coaching by Leaders and Managers is becoming part of normal activity.
  • The Leadership Team Coaching is an ongoing process which commenced in October and will continue until September 2024
  • Leadership and Management coaching is already having an impact upon daily and weekly activity.

Customers Comment

MPI have provided a sensible pragmatic, focus and a consistent approach at all levels within the business. They are very much seen as part of our business and will be working with us through 2024. Thank you for all your help.

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