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E-Learning Services and Solutions

Are you looking for an E-Learning provider to partner with? We have a range of options available.

Depending on your needs we can design your e-learning for you, partner with you to design and build it. Or support your in-house team through resourcing.

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Bespoke E-Learning Services and Solutions

Developing your own E-Learning courses can be daunting and altogether difficult if you don’t have the knowledge and resources available. We work with your business to create custom learning experiences that meet your goals and objectives. We handle all aspects of design and development for your e-Learning modules, performance support, or blended employee learning experiences.

Benefits of our Bespoke E-Learning

Expertise and Experience: When you work with us, you’re collaborating with a first-rate lineup of instructional designers, visual artists, project managers, and professional voiceover talent.

Scalability: We’re a flexible extension of your team that you can scale up or down based on your training needs.

Focus on Your Business: We’ll handle the development so you can focus on your business and deploy your internal team towards strategic initiatives.

Better Training Outcomes: Custom development delivers tailored eLearning experiences that engage your employees through relevant examples, rich multimedia, and interactive activities leading to better knowledge acquisition and retention.

You Own It All: We build training using commercially available tools and provide you with all project source files on completion.

bespoke e-learning services and solutions

Areas we can provide E-Learning support

  • Project Management
  • Project Plans
  • Instructional Design
  • Content Writing
  • Prototyping
  • Multimedia Production
  • Course Assembly & Programming
  • Graphic & Interactive Elements
  • Audio Voiceover


Co-Development E-learning Solutions and Services

Do you already have eLearning developers on your team? Do you need help from time to time to handle increased demands or add someone with specialised skills? We can jump in wherever you need us! Partner with us to quickly expand your team’s capabilities and capacity. We’re here to help!

co-designed e-learning services and solutions

Benefits of our Co-Development E-Learning

The Right Resources at the Right Time: Co-development lets you draw on expertise from seasoned professionals with a variety of specialized skills.

Improve Speed to Learning: Co-development lets your team develop more quickly and get training to your employees faster.

Save Time and Money: Rather than spending the time to interview and hire part-time or temporary employees, co-development can quickly expand your team’s capacity and capabilities within days. This helps keep your projects within budget, saving costs by only paying for the time and work you need.

Broaden Your Perspective: Bringing in outside resources can infuse your team with fresh ideas and viewpoints, sparking ideas around new approaches and methods.

Our Approach

Our experts work with you to develop training that helps you meet your training and business goals. We can work with content you already have or create courses from scratch that are meaningful, useful, and engaging for your employees.

E-Learning Examples

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