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The Situational Leadership® Model – Taster Session with Q&A


Meet Chris McLean, Global Master Trainer from The Center for Leadership Studies. He will walk you through what the Situational Leadership® Model is, how you can use it and how it’s innovating to meet today’s leadership challenges.


An introduction to the Situational Leadership® Model—one of, if not the most highly recognized leadership models in the world. Having been around since 1969, the Situational Leadership® Model has continuously strived to innovate and evolve to meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving leadership challenges. In this session, you’ll meet Global Master Trainer, Chris McLean, and he will walk you through the latest innovations and thinking in this space with Q&A throughout.


Session Outline: 

  • Introducing the Situational Leadership® Model
  • Thriving through change
  • Evolving the training - Situational Leadership® Essentials
  • Features & learning formats
  • The learning journey
  • Situational Conversations™
  • Q&A

Situational Leadership® is a registered trademark of Leadership Studies, Inc. dba The Center for Leadership Studies. MPI Learning is an authorized Global Partner of The Center for Leadership Studies.

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