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Assessing your EDI Needs


This session offers an introduction to creating an inclusive high-performance culture.


This session aims to offer an introduction to creating an inclusive high-performance culture, enabling you to get started with an assessment of your EDI needs to begin building a strong foundation to achieve long-term impact and sustainability.

Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £1,745 Plus VAT


During this session, we will:

  • Explore integral systems theory (Wilber, K., 1995) as an approach to understanding the different elements that make up your organisational cultures and are impacted by EDI.
  • Identify what you already know and understand about the business case for EDI.
  • Consider the big strategic questions you are looking to answer ahead of developing an EDI strategy and implementation plan.
  • Establish the key areas requiring review and assessment to help you build a well-informed picture of current EDI activities and the gaps.
  • Develop some practical approaches to get you started on our EDI assessment.
  • Begin to formulate some overarching objectives and first steps


A basic understanding/knowledge of EDI

Familiarity with the Equality Act 2010/protected characteristics

Target Student

Senior leaders and/or those directly involved in EDI/fulfilling an EDI-dedicated role 

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