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Professional Sales Programme


Our suite of modules are based around helping the customer to buy and enabling salespeople to maximise their conversations with their customers.


How effective are your salespeople in engaging with your customers?

MPI have gained vast experience over many years working with our clients in numerous markets and countries. Our programmes help even the most experienced sales people to be more effective and successful with a wider range of customers and markets.

We use the behavioural science of communication as the core to customer engagement at all levels Our InSales suite of modules are based around helping the customer to buy and enabling salespeople to maximise their conversations with their customers.

Participant Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of planning and preparation for success in sales.
  • Create your own ‘Story’ to sell the benefits of a meeting.
  • Know what to say, how to say it, and why?
  • Understand how your communication is a critical ingredient in successful sales conversations with customers.
  • Learn the skills required for successful customer calls.
  • Demonstrate your questioning skills to uncover the customers ‘real’ values based reasons to buy using our “4C’s” framework.
  • Develop level 4 listening skills, listen and understand, and help the customer to buy.
  • Develop your skill in the benefit of selling the ‘sizzle’ which is compelling to your customer.
  • Be skilled in asking the right questions to overcome potential objections and doubts.
  • Revise and perfect your closing style to win more sales.
  • Participate in a ‘Sales Challenge’ and receive professional personal feedback and coaching.

Aimed at supporting the company outcome of:

  • Your sales team delivering the results you expect of them.
  • Your sales team demonstrating their newly acquired professional sales skills.
  • Your sales team developing the competencies you need them to demonstrate.
  • A programme tailored to your organisational sales culture.
  • Creating and delivering the businesses desired sales journey and a customer buying experience.

Our approach is aimed at ensuring that the programme delivers what you need it to. The Professional Sales Programme is based upon a framework of subjects that are tailored to meet your business need and the outcome you want to achieve.

Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £6,107.50 Plus VAT


Get Them Ready

We have created pre course activities which ensure your people are ready to gain the most from this programme:

  • Information to use in case studies and skills practice – templates provided
  • Preparing their KASH/B (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits/Behaviours) for their role
  • A day in their life as a sales professional

The Sales Professional Master-class: A 3-day event

This programme ensures that every one of the team walks away with lessons that they can use in their sales environment.

  • Our InSales framework provides the core content.
  • The way we deliver the content varies based upon the sales teams experience and the outcome you want to achieve.
  • We ensure that the sales professional is involved from the start
  • The Professional Sales framework provides an ‘experiential learning event’, which provides the focus and insight for the salesperson on what they do well, what they need to improve (with the how) where they need reinforcement new or refresher skills.
  • The programme format will depend upon the experience of the salespeople and the business outcome you want to achieve
  • We use a Sales Challenge framework built upon your business and your customers’ needs and wants. This provides MPI with the insight into the skills and behaviours that need to be further enhanced.
  • We use ‘Team Coaching’ to support individual and team skills and behaviour development in the areas that will make the difference.

The Sales Managers Toolbox

Experience tells us that unless there is follow up by the company then the impact of the training is weakened. This toolbox is therefore a vital ingredient for success. It provides the support enabling the sales manager to embed the skills and behaviours learned on the programme.

It contains all of the models that the sales professional experiences and learns on the sales programme and is in soft copy format. A digital version of the toolbox can be built with a voice over coach to provide guidance.

WebEx Skills Surgery ‘Embeds the learning and ongoing development’

A series of follow up sessions with the Sales Team to identify and measure progress, highlighting their ‘Magic Moments and Successes’ and where they need additional support.

Delivered as simple open sessions which can be provided for all sales people in one session, or as individual sessions.

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