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Leadership Professional – Essentials Programme


Five half-day Leadership modules with mini work placed projects to bring the learning into action in the workplace.


Five half-day Leadership modules with mini work placed projects to bring the learning into action in the workplace.


Leadership Programme

1. Managing and Leading Self - Half-day Module

  • Understand myself including my EI and how this relates to the Leadership Behaviours in how ‘I lead with a Human Touch’
  • Developing resilience in all I do and how this is displayed by me
  • Being Authentic
  • Having a Growth Mindset which is flexible, using the practices of: Fixed vs Growth Mindset
  • Johari Window
  • Developing a Flexible Mindset
  • Action Orientation in this module is very much focused on the individual developing their personal action plan -Developing your ‘Why’ Your Branding and Elevator Pitch
  • Including 10 Behaviours

2. Leading Others - Half-day Module

  • Understanding Leadership Principles Situational Leadership
  • Team dynamics and development Goleman’s 6 styles of Leadership Kouzes and Posner Leadership framework
  • Influencing others through: Building Trust and Relationships with others
  • Developing mutual responsibility and accountability
  • Principles of Influence – Cialdini Understanding and enabling your communication style
  • Connecting and Collaborating Understanding others and working together to gain the best outcome
  • This action orientation on the real world application of the knowledge skills and capabilities in the context of the participants team with immediate application and benefit

3. Coaching for Performance and Success - Half-day Module

  • Understand the core principle's of effective Coaching relationships
  • Effectively diagnose performance gaps, coaching needs and select the right style for that coachee/context
  • Create the plan & methodology to develop the coachee vs their readiness state
  • Understand all the effective Coaching methods available in the coaching tool kit and when to apply them
  • Apply leadership styles, communication styles EI in ‘moving performance on’

4. Building Great Teams - Half-day Module

  • Select the right people for the perfect blend of skills, attitudes, knowledge and experience
  • Strategic Leadership - Build Strategy, Culture and engage the team behind a shared inspiring Vision
  • Create alignment through aligning their skills to the task to enable and build a high-performance team
  • Be organisationally savvy and make tough decisions. Deal with conflict and solve issues professionally using Self Insight and EI! The team know their strengths, play to them, always striving for quality results & excellence

5. Creating an Inspiring Landscape - Half-day Module

  • Input session –Reminder of the Leadership Promise behaviours and what these look like in our role as a Leader/Manager
  • Being Courageous/Brave
  • Being Inclusive
  • Define personal brand of leadership, develop your leadership ‘voice’ Learn to present your version of the Vision – inspire your team!
  • Being Purposeful