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Sales, Engaging Your Customers


A virtual sales training programme aimed at enhancing the skills of the salesperson to have engaging customer conversations which open opportunities and close more business.


To enhance the participant's ability and confidence in presenting in a powerful, positive, and engaging way.


Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £3,490  Plus VAT



Programme Outcomes

Salespeople will find that they are able to:

  • Have a more focused conversation with their customer
  • Ask questions which engage customers at a deeper level
  • overcome objections using a tried and tested process
  • present solutions that match the customer’s expectations
  • close more business using these simple skills and behaviours

Module 1 – The Call

  • Preparation
  • Opening the call & gaining interest
  • Building Rapport
  • Rolling Role Play part 1
  • Filmed demonstration following module of their opening call technique. Sent to facilitator to review

Module 2 – Understanding the Partner

  • Masterful Questioning & Listening
  • Handling Questions & Objections
  • Rolling Role Play part 2
  • Filmed demonstration of them using the questions and objection handling with one of their colleagues. (Sent to facilitator to review)

Module 3 – Presenting the Solution

  • Getting the right Structure
  • Design with the audience in mind
  • Delivery for maximum impact
  • Post Module Preparation – working in small teams to prepare a Customer Presentation

Module 4 – Practical – Practice makes perfect

  • Teams take it in turn to present their solution
  • Coaching comments linked to customer feedback
  • Who won the business and why?
  • Commitments


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