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Age of the Coach Series


This virtual modular programme develops the coaching skills of managers and leaders. This programme is delivered virtually over zoom, 4 x 180 Minute Sessions over 4 Days.


Develop a coaching mindset and become a better leader through understanding and using the latest best practice coaching skills.  Understand how neuroscience and powerful language presupposes success.

Use reflective practise to develop your coaching style and learn how to adapt to the needs of your coachee and the situation for well-formed outcomes.

There is a balance of theory and practical application so you’re able to spend time practising the best techniques and leave the programme with actual hands-on coaching experience.

Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £3,490 - Plus VAT


The Agenda:

Module 1

This Module will enable you to understand what coaching is and what it isn’t and reflect on what style of coaching you’ve experienced and how you’d like to develop your knowledge and skills further to become the coach you want to be. Explore the characteristics and beliefs that impact coaching outcomes and how it furthers the development and improves performance. Explore what skills are required to be a successful coach and self-assess where you are at the moment and where you’d like to be.

  • What is Coaching
  • The Coaching Mindset
  • Effective Coaching Skills

Module 2

This Module will enable you to be an influential leader and coach through greater self-awareness and awareness of others. Using a psychometric personality assessment tool you’ll discover a wealth of information about yourself and insight into others that will inform and improve your ability to coach and lead others.

  • Leader as Coach
  • Using DiSC colours to enhance coaching practice
  • Skills Practice

Module 3

This Module will enable you to understand the neuroscience of highly successful coaching tools and techniques. The tools and techniques will provide a solid grounding in how to unlock high potential people, resolve performance issues and develop effective workplace relationships.

  • Coaching tools and techniques
  • Overcoming common coaching challenges i.e. delivering difficult feedback with constructive outcomes
  • Skills Practice

Module 4

This Module encourages a conversational growth mindset through reflection and action setting. You'll be able to share ideas and access peer support to enable you to raise your self-awareness and plan what actions you need to take to develop as a coach.

  • Peer Group Coaching
  • Skills Practice
  • Coaching actions and next steps

Pre-event preparation:

  • Complete the DiSC personality profiling online questionnaire (a link will be provided)
  • Consider your coaching goals and ‘what success looks like’
  • Consider recent coaching examples you can share to demonstrate your successes and challenges 

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