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Developing Personal Resilience as a Leader


Resilience is the ability to take the challenges and changes of life in your stride and say yes to the opportunities that excite you.


Today’s workforce demands a lot from leaders: to be purpose-driven, authentic, inclusive, visionary yet humble; to create a space of psychological safety for their people and to show up without the armour of hierarchy. These demands can create a significant emotional load on leaders who are facing into a tide of consumer and shareholder activism, disruptive change to business practices and endless cost focus. Now is the time to understand that working on our personal resilience is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.

Join this course to engage with other leaders in learning resilience habits that make a difference now and can serve you for a lifetime.


Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £1,745 Plus VAT


Module 1: Your Personal Resilience Baseline, Strengths and Challenges

  • Self-awareness of your resilience level across seven categories & baseline
  • Knowledge: The link between resilience and sustainable high performance
  • Knowledge: Inconvenient truths and empowering beliefs about resilience
  • Q&A and signposts: to 30 small habits to build your resilience
  • Action planning: one behaviour you will implement, starting today.

Module 2: Turning Knowing into Doing

  • Self-awareness: The road to burnout is paved with good intentions
  • Skills: Aligning your actions with your core values
  • The courage, conviction and commitment to ‘doing differently’
  • Q&A and signposts: to a range of specific tools to build your confidence
  • Action planning: one behaviour you will implement, starting today.

Why now?

  • The pandemic has amplified existing resource pressure and accelerated change and uncertainty
  • The consequences of taking our health for granted, mentally, physically or emotionally are severe
  • Workplace stress has reached epidemic proportions in many regions across the globe
  • The cost of presenteeism is double the cost of absenteeism
  • Over two years of heightened pressure means many people are operating with lower personal capacity


Increase your capacity to take on new challenges, reduce existing stress and prepare yourself for unexpected adversity.


  • Suitable for all leaders, everywhere
  • Resilience can be learned the easy way (taught) or the hard way (personal experience of adversity)
  • There are 7 categories of resilience, most people score very low on at least 2-3 categories
  • Having at least some resilience habits in every category means you have a tool for every situation
  • The resilience habits in the FREEDOM model are simple, powerful, fast, free and readily implemented
  • Tried-and-tested workshops, 3 to 4 hours tailored for Leaders and Executives
  • Stand-alone workshops or integrate into wider development programmes

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