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Values Based Recruitment


Recruiting great people to our organisations is the key to high performance and sustainable business success.


Recruiting great people who not only meet our organisation’s needs but also uphold our core values and beliefs has become increasingly important as we navigate the volatility of the post-pandemic employment market. As costs continue to rise, and we experience challenging times in retaining great people, the pressure is on to ensure we recruit those people who offer best fit with our organisations. This training and development course is aimed at early career leaders and managers responsible for recruitment and selection for their departments and teams. It is designed to stimulate and challenge our thinking about how to recruit great people who will, not only meet the needs of the job role, but fit with, and make a valuable contribution to, the wider organisation.

Target Student

This session is suitable for early careers leaders and managers who have, or will have, responsibility for recruitment and selection in their teams/departments.


By the end of this course, participants will understand:

  • the importance of designing effective, authentic recruitment and selection processes
  • how to ensure these processes reflect organisational values
  • how to design selection processes that better assess values fit with the organisation
  • how to make recruitment and selection both meaningful and inclusive
  • how to attract, and get the very best from, the strongest applicants

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