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Stress Management


Stress can affect your ability to think clearly and rationally and to perform well. This session aims to help you better deal with stress by sharing key insights and strategies to reduce stress and optimize your work-life balance, particularly as we face uncertainties in the economy, the workplace and the environment.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn coping techniques to deal with a different way of working and living
  • Feel supported by others and know that you are not alone in the struggle
  • Recognize the symptoms and causes of stress
  • Discover simple stress-busting techniques to manage & reduce the effects of stress in your life
  • Create a simple personalised plan to rise above stress for a healthier & more productive lifestyle


1. Background

What is stress – origins, causes, and symptoms.

  • Flight or fight response & role of hormones
  • Why it matters? Physiological, psychological, and physical effects
  • The price you pay in terms of your health and your family
  • Causes
  • Warning signs: cognitive, emotional, physical, behavioural
  • Stats from around the world

2. Technique

Work – life balance

  • How to create balance & set boundaries The notion of ‘tilting’
  • Connecting with and pursuing your passion
  • Gaining support at work and at home
  • Learning how to say ’no’

Stress reduction techniques

  • Visualization and relaxation techniques
  • Breathing and stretching
  • Energizers and drainers
  • Meditative positive visualization exercise (5 mins)
  • Physical health
  • Behaviours and beliefs
  • Putting things in perspective
  • Circle of influence (vs. circle of control)
  • Slowing down (hurry sickness / time famine – Arianna Huffington Thrive)
  • Purpose – identify what matters to you (values), gratitude journal, contribution

3. Plan

Action Planning

  • Cultivating gratitude
  • Finding meaning and purpose

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