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Bias hides in open minds


Unconscious bias from a fresh new perspective for anyone who interacts with, or makes decisions about, people; whether you work with customers, supervise staff or work in collaboration, this session will enhance your insight and interactions.


Number of sessions and their duration: Virtual or on-site:

1 half-day introductory (4 hrs)

x2 half-day (2 weeks apart) deeper-dive option with more time for group discussion and practice and a takeaway action learning activity in-between, plus reflection time to come back with emerging questions. 

Join Vanessa Boon, The Joyful Disruptor and author of the inclusive leadership chapter of the Amazon bestseller Professional Leadership. Learn from two decades of specialist equality & inclusion expertise and the pitfalls to avoid, plus adventures in self-discovery. Participants enjoy the refreshingly engaging, interactive and motivational style on this topic, building up the confidence to apply deepened insights and practical tools. You will benefit from the collective learning from facilitating courageous conversations with thousands of people on this topic and a powerful experience that stays with you long after the training.  

Key takeaways:

  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable – we all have biases in our subconscious minds
  • Tools and models to deepen self-awareness and spot various types of biases
  • Ways to reduce and mitigate the effects of unconscious biases (yours and other people’s)
  • Tips to be a change-maker 

Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £2,617.50 - Plus VAT



  • Creating a safe space to open up
  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Why does it hide in open minds?
  • Cognitive Dissonance: Why does the idea of acknowledging our biases feel uncomfortable?
  • The bias game – revealing your hidden biases
  • The Halo & Horns effect and implications for first impressions, recruitment and decision-making
  • Types of bias to be aware of (including affinity, conformity, confirmation & first-version bias)
  • Internalised biases – the video you’ll never forget
  • Ways that biases play out in real situations
  • Ways to reduce and mitigate the effects of biases (yours and other people’s)
  • Next steps: your change-maker plan


Ready to:

  • build upon prior equality and diversity training
  • be brave and confront the uncomfortable realities of biases and inequalities
  • have courageous conversations with compassion
  • get fired up to make a difference

Pre Work:

Optional, but useful to read the How Not To Be An Inclusive Leader chapter of Professional Leadership: https://amzn.eu/d/dcOGftz

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