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Leadership: Self-doubts into Self-Beliefs


Being a leader can take you into vulnerable places - the unfamiliar, high expectations and high visibility, with everyone looking to you for guidance in the big moments. It is natural for doubts to creep in, including the echoes of past knock-backs, put-downs, pressures, stereotyping and internalised oppression.


Join Vanessa Boon, The Joyful Disruptor and author of The Imposter Phenomenon and Turning Self-Doubts to Self-Beliefs chapter of the Amazon bestseller Professional Leadership. Learn self-belief techniques for you, and the team you are nurturing; free people from the doubts that hold them back to unlock their full potential. Participants enjoy the refreshingly engaging, supportive and interactive style on this topic, building up the confidence to apply deepened insights and practical tools. You will benefit from two decades of personal development and oppression-disrupting inclusion expertise, the collective learning from facilitating courageous conversations with thousands of people on this topic and a powerful experience that stays with you long after the training.  

3 key takeaways:  

  • Identifying the doubts – tuning in to what your ‘inner critic’ or imposter voice is saying, and assessing the credibility of the source  
  • Challenging the doubts – ways to disrupt False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R) and develop evidence-based self-beliefs
  • Don’t overdo it – humility makes for good leaders




  • Creating a safe space to open up
  • Why are thoughts of inadequacy lingering in our minds?
  • The Imposter Phenomenon, Pressure and Perfectionism
  • The role of oppression and hardships in knocking self-belief
  • Let’s talk about doubts and fears and their effects upon us
  • Tuning in – identifying the doubts
  • Assessing the source – where did that come from?
  • Ways to reduce the doubts
  • Replacing False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R) with evidence-based self-beliefs
  • Balance and humility 
  • Nurturing self-belief in others
  • Next steps


Pre work:
Optional, but useful to read The Imposter Phenomenon and Turning Self-Doubts to Self-Beliefs chapter of Professional Leadership: https://amzn.eu/d/dcOGftz


Ready to:

  • participate in discussions about your doubts and fears
  • develop new approaches to build up the self-beliefs

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