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Small Team Leadership


If you run a small, tight-knit team, this course is tailored to help you get the most from the group.


Is the small team you lead really high “High Performing”?  Could it actually do better?  Do its members cooperate so perfectly that their total output can be considered outstanding and far exceed the sum of its individual components?

Leading a small team can be tough. When asked, most leaders of small teams will first say that their team is fantastic but, push a bit harder, and it usually becomes clear that there are discordant notes.  Alice doesn’t trust Bob.  Ahmed has financial worries and has been off-form at work for three weeks.  Janice is unhappy and no one knows why.

This short course discusses the dynamics of leading a small team and how, with the right approach, a leader can take it to High Performing Status

Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £1,305 Plus VAT


Module 1: The Theory

  • Thinking about small teams and their output.
  • The characteristics of a High Performing team.
  • Leadership styles; how do I match “me” to “them”?
  • Differences between leading small teams and large organisations.

Module 2: Making it Happen

  • Examples and work cases.
  • Applying the theory in my world.

Why now?

If you run a small, tight-knit team, this course is tailored to help you get the most from the group.
If you aspire to move on and expand your authority to lead larger groups of people, this course will help you see how you need to develop your style in preparation for your new leadership role.

Finally, if you are already in charge of a large group and are wondering why it seems so different from your earlier experiences, the course will help you understand how to adapt to the new challenge and how to develop the junior leaders below you.


  • Make your small team “High Performing”.
  • Help your junior leaders develop and grow.


  • What is a High Performing Small Team?
  • Why do some Small Teams succeed and others fail?
  • What are the characteristics of a High Performing Team?
  • What types of leadership are best suited to achieving High Performance Status?
  • How can I adapt these ideas and theories to my real world leadership problem?
  • How do I take my Small Team leadership success and apply it to larger organisations?

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