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Achieving Outputs in a Complex World


Leadership is about “getting stuff done”. This course concentrates on just that. In a complicated world, it helps leaders to ensure that the right stuff gets done at the right time and in the right way.


The course supports leaders as they do two things. 

  • Harness the skills and energy of their people
  • Reduce the negative effects of over-centralization and micro-management.

The content is designed to be thought-provoking and challenge ideas about the purpose of leadership.  It draws its inspiration from the concept of Mission Leadership, an idea which has its roots in military and emergency service leadership.  In Mission Leadership groups and individuals working for a leader are encouraged fully to understand the aims of their organization and their own critical role within it. As a result, they feel confident to act on their own initiative to achieve the mission. 

The course is ideal for those who want to encourage initiative and decentralisation of authority and responsibility.

Join this course to engage with other leaders in discussing and developing the art of leadership. Develop new ideas, processes and assumptions with which to free up the people you lead and “get stuff done”.

Available as private Face to Face and virtual sessions (max 12 delegates) - £1,305 Plus VAT


Module 1: The Theory

What are we meant to be doing?  Working out the outputs.

Giving clear direction on what people should be doing.

Freeing people to do their best work.

Taking risks with people.

Developing people.

Module 2: Making it Happen

Practice giving Mission based instructions

Measuring success.

Supporting your people.

Why now? 

Most organisations naturally respond to stress by centralizing power and authority. The greater the risks and the pressures, the more leaders feel that the only people they can trust to “get stuff done” are themselves.  Eventually, those same leaders buckle under the stress because, it always turns out, that the boss cannot do it all.

During 2023 huge economic pressures will fight with the impacts of social, cultural and technological change to put a constant stream of new challenges on the shoulders of leaders.  There has probable never been a time when bosses feel under more pressure.  As a result the damaging effects of over-centralisation have never been more relevant.  Now is the moment to take some time and ask yourself, how can I make better use of my people?


Free yourself of the tendency to micro-manage.  You know you shouldn’t do it.  Find a practical way to stop.

Help the people you lead to take responsibility, use their initiative and flourish as future leaders of your organization.


Suitable for all leaders, but particularly those involved in complex operations and with large numbers of critical groups and individuals who must co-operate in pursuit of an overall goal.

Learn how to:

  • give clear mission oriented instructions and to
  • give your people confidence that they can act on their initiative and with your support
  • manage the risk that results from giving your people their freedom to act

Learn how to enable your people to:

  • understand the mission and embrace their part in it
  • use their initiative and to take responsibility for their actions
  • build their confidence and independence
  • and manage their risk and that of the whole organization

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