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EDI Changemakers Support Network


Are you an EDI Officer, HR Specialist, Leader or Manager? Or the nominated EDI champion for your team? Maybe you’ve been given the EDI portfolio on behalf of your Board or department? Or if you’re aiming to make a difference via your diverse staff network or union, all change-makers are welcome!


Join our open webinar for anyone looking for support to stay informed, up-to-date and inspired with innovative ways to advance all things EDI. Our facilitator, Vanessa Boon, The Joyful Disruptor and author of the inclusive leadership chapter of the Amazon bestseller Professional Leadership brings two decades of specialist EDI experience. Knowing the challenges of trying to create change, coming up against challenges and finding resourceful and creative ways to disrupt systemic oppressions, she creates a safe, supportive and uplifting space. So join us for group coaching, recharge the batteries, refresh your know-how and take new approaches back to your workplace to make a difference.

Key takeaways:

• A new hot topic input each month – participants have input on what topics would be useful
• Facilitated activities enabling participants to exchange EDI challenges, good practice case studies, and solutions to your tricky issues
• Q&A with tips from an EDI specialist to take back to your organisation


• Creating a confidential safe space to open up
• Mission of the month – fresh hot topic input with interaction and learning activities, either with our regular facilitator or a guest speaker, leading to practical takeaway action points
• Group peer coaching: sharing of current EDI successes and challenges and collective problem-solving to help you with the challenges
• Break-out discussions and networking time
• EDI surgery: Q&A
• Consultation about future topics
• Next steps: Your change-maker plan
• Self-care activity (world-changing can be tough going, let’s guard against burnout)

Optional, but useful to read Vanessa Boon’s How Not To Be An Inclusive Leader chapter of Professional Leadership, which touches on themes and concepts such as unconscious biases, systemic oppression, micro-aggressions, groupthink, privilege and associated fragility, and tools for self-knowledge; also check out her chapter on the imposter phenomenon: https://amzn.eu/d/dcOGftz



Ready to –

  • build upon prior equality and diversity training and experience
  • be brave and confront the uncomfortable realities of biases and inequalities
  • have courageous conversations with compassion
  • exchange experiences held with confidentiality
  • be about turning theories, models and ideas into practical action points
  • get fired up to try out new approaches to make a difference

Target Student

EDI Officer or Manager, EDI Team Lead, HR Manager, Leader or Manager with EDI interests. 

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