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Neurodiversity Awareness – Taster Session


It is estimated that 15-20% of the world's population is Neurodiverse, join us in this webinar to discover ways you can help your neurodiverse employees and create a more diverse and welcoming place to work.


Many of the strengths of neurodivergent people are in high demand in today's workplace. Raising awareness of neurodiversity can make it safer for existing employees to reveal their diagnosis, provide an opportunity to adjust working practices to maximise contribution, and attract a more diverse workforce.

This webinar is for anyone new to the topic looking to understand more about Neurodiversity. Hosted by Dr. Angela Armstrong. 


What Neurodiversity is (and isn't)

Stigma, Strengths and Challenges

Examples of best practice 


Presenter Profile: Dr Angela Armstrong

Dr. Angela Armstrong is a highly qualified and commercially minded learning and development professional with over 20 years of experience. She develops leaders, teams and individuals so they deliver on their most pressing ‘what and how’ strategies related to purpose, performance, authentic leadership and team development in the context of culture change, inclusion and resilience.

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