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Age of the Coach Series

This virtual modular programme develops the coaching skills of managers and leaders. This programme is delivered virtually over zoom, 4 x 180 Minute Sessions over 4 Days.

AI For Leaders

In the past, popular thought treated artificial intelligence (AI) as if it were the domain of science fiction or some far-flung future. In the last few years, however, AI has been given new life. The business world has especially given it renewed interest. However, AI is not just another technology or process for the business to consider - it is a truly disruptive force.

Building Great Teams

This is suitable for anyone managing teams or looking to manage teams in the future. Using the participants own experiences we will look at what drives team effectiveness and the traits of High Performing Teams.

Capacity Planning, Forecasting & Budgets

Understanding how to plan for capacity, be able to forecast and manage budgets is a critical skill in today’s leadership and management environment. This programme will not only support your understanding but will also help you to practically put the learning into practice.

Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner

This course shows you how to apply various approaches and algorithms to solve business problems through AI and ML, follow a methodical workflow to develop sound solutions, use open-source, off-the-shelf tools to develop, test, and deploy those solutions, and ensure that they protect the privacy of users. This course includes hands-on activities for each topic area.

Certified Data Science Practitioner

This course will enable you to bring value to the business by putting data science concepts into practice. Data is crucial for understanding where the business is and where it's headed. Not only can data reveal insights, but it can also inform - by guiding decisions and influencing day-to-day operations.

Certified Internet of Things Practitioner

In this course, students will learn general strategies for planning, designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining an IoT system through various case studies and by assembling and configuring an IoT device to work in a sensor network.

Confident Career Conversations - CV Writing & Interview Skills

This course is for anyone wishing to understand their strengths and development areas and those who are seeking assistance to progress their careers and convey their abilities confidently.

Contract and Performance Management

This training focuses on performance management as a continuous process that drives development. It helps bring consistency in applying performance management within the business. The course will help managers recognise their role and contribution to effectively manage performance and conduct at work.

Customer Service

Ensuring that you provide the level of service that your customers want to be delivered through your people. This programme develops the skills and behaviours that enhance the experience that your customers receive.