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Learning that sticks!

How we work and why you’ll love working with us on your next project.

By motivating developing and enabling your people through learning, we can help you achieve your organisational goals. Our consulting process ensures we deeply understand your business and learn what really makes your people and your customers tick. Through this approach, we are able to design a solution that perfectly fits your needs, and provides the outcomes you desire.  

We aim to give our clients more than just a great learning experience. We work with you to measure ROI/ROE post-deployment, measure, test and adjust the learning to fit any further challenges and opportunities that you may face down the line. 

At MPI, it’s all about your learning and development requirements. Your performance challenges, your strategic outcomes, and the solution you need.

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collaboration - how we work

We love to working collaboratively

We approach each project focusing on our client’s needs. We collaborate with you, our client to provide you with exactly what you need to achieve your learning goals. We work with you to identify your challenges through detailed research and feedback.

Through our carefully selected partners, we can provide cutting-edge solutions that deliver the results you need, on time and on budget. MPI aims to empower you with the skills and knowledge to drive ongoing change and growth throughout your business.

we work with the best people - how we work

We work with the best in the industry

Our Consultants, Trainers & Designers are some of the best in the industry. Hand-picked for each project, we ensure they are the right people to deliver, design and lead your people through their learning journey. We want you to feel a deep trust with our consultants and know they are dedicated to you and your business growth.

We work with expert thought leaders who think creatively, they bring passion, engagement and joy into the learning we deliver. After all, if the person at the front of the room loves what they do, your learners will too!

Our approach to building
learning just for you.

MPI is founded on the belief that your people will drive your business success. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you instil a passionate learning culture within your business. We blend tried-and-tested learning and development techniques with innovative & engaging ways of delivery to create solutions that are scalable and achievable on budget.

Whether it’s virtual, digital solutions, classroom-based learning or a combination of those. We find the approach that suits you and your learners best. Utilising technology-based toolkits such as learning management systems, video, audio, written materials, simulations, training guidelines and more, we can provide you with the best solution based on your employees’ learning styles. 

After all, your people are your most valuable asset.

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Consultation discussions focusing on MPI inside out approach

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Storyboarding options and approaches

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Build solutions and materials

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Bespoke facilitators appointed

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Multi–channel tool-sets and activities

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Dialing in and forward momentum

Learning & Development Frameworks

Our Learning and Development frameworks provide you with the structure to empower your people & teams to achieve your business learning goals, in a way that suits them. Through a personalised approach, you can create a learning pathway that’s clear, accessible and achievable.

MPI is renowned internationally for the quality of our bespoke in person, virtual & digital learning programmes designed specifically for our clients.

Our global reach

MPI’s network of learning and development experts has a global reach and works to bring superior learning and development to our customers wherever they are in the world. Each year, we train an average of 12,000 people in more than 35 languages.

We don’t just translate content from our language into yours, we hand-pick local expert
coaches to give you a bespoke culturally aligned learning experience.

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Our Principle Consultants

Our Consultants, Trainers & Designers are some of the best in the industry. Hand picked for each project, we ensure they are the right people to deliver, design and lead your people through their learning journey.

Sepideh Shirazi

Sepideh Shirazi

Principal Consultant

Sepideh is a learning and development professional with extensive experience in all elements of the learning cycle from TNA and design through to delivery and return on investment. Sepideh is an experienced principle consultant at MPI with vast experience in working with all levels of colleagues from frontline staff through to Senior Managers and Directors.
anne clarke 1 Anne Clarke

Anne Clarke

Principal Consultant

Anne has a successful career spanning over 25 years in the financial and banking industry which has given Anne the understanding and ability to work at all levels, this has enabled her to add so much value to the team, our clients and her coaches. Anne was previously an MD in Financial Services where she was responsible for leading the Retail Performance of a Region, where she was recognised with various National Achievement Awards.
danny lavery

Danny Lavery

Principal Consultant

Danny is a Senior Learning & Development professional with a passion and expertise in Facilitation, People Development and Coaching. Extensive experience in the Global banking sector particularly in Team & Leadership Development, Business Coaching and Behavioural Skills Development. He is at his best when facilitating Learning & Development sessions.
nick jerome 1 Nick Jerome

Nick Jerome

Principal Consultant

Nick Jerome is an accredited coach and facilitator, who has been designing and delivering leadership and management programmes across a wide range of organisations in the UK and across Europe for over 15 years. Based in London, he also speaks French and has worked with a number of clients in France, as well as coaching Masters students at Edhec Business School in France for the past 10 years.
Glenda Baily Bray

Glenda Baily Ray

Principal Consultant

Glenda is a passionate and experienced Organisational Change specialist with a strong track record of delivering successful change programmes that maximise opportunities through people. Glenda boasts extensive practical experience earned with a raft of well-known national and international organisations across both private and public sector.
Craig Wardman

Craig Wardman

Principal Consultant

Craig works as an independent professional Learning and Development Consultant who specialises in highly effective and Motivational Delivery and facilitation of Leadership Development and Relationship Management sales programmes, as well as offering a wealth of experience in 1 to 1 business and life coaching. He has extensive experience of working with multi-national organisations, originating with many of the World’s Leading Financial Services organisations.
elen burton 1 Ellen Burton

Ellen Burton

Principal Consultant

Ellen has an exceptional ability to assist and focus Coaching clients to achieve their goals. In addition to Executive Coaching, Ellen is an internationally acclaimed business lecturer and motivational speaker. As owner of EJ Burton & Associates, she, and her team guide organisations in establishing an intentional culture of Inclusion and coach leaders to practices that support their DE&I policies.
cant remeber his name 1 Mohammed Al-Shaer

Mohammed Al-Shaer

Principal Consultant

Mohammed’s focus is helping companies from various sectors improve their profitability and bottom line. His approach to helping companies is unique, he believes in diagnosing before treating. He provides tailor-made service to his long list of satisfied customers in the four corners of the globe. He does not believe in “one-size fits all” programs or canned workshops.
Sarah Jones Principal Consultant MPI Learning

Sarah Jones

Principal Consultant

Sarah is an enthusiastic facilitator, innovative designer and effective deliverer of high impact training events. Her ability to bring out the best in people by supporting creativity and innovation, combined with effective teamwork and performance management ensures a strong focus on the provision of excellent customer service.
emre hasan saylik 1 Emre Hasan Saylik

Emre Hasan Saylik

Principal Consultant

Emre brings extensive business and marketing experience to his clients with a financial services, banking and marketing background over 25 years. He provides learning facilitation, team coaching and leadership training services for corporate clients and supports SME league company owners as experienced business coach.

Engage, Connect, Inspire

Our processes focus on your perspective. We design and plan activities around your core objectives because, by understanding your perspective, we can develop a solution that works for you.


Our processes focus on your perspective. We design and plan activities around your core objectives because by understanding the outcomes you want to achieve, we can develop a solution that is just for you.


Today, your people have numerous ways to access information, and this combined with new discoveries about how we learn best, is transforming the way we deliver engaging learning.

It’s important to cultivate an engaging journey that is suitable for your people, to maximise transformation potential.


Did you know that up to 60% of work hour time savings can be made when the correct methodologies are adopted? We work with you to find and develop best learning strategies


Understanding the people
you work with

MPI offers a range of profiling tools including, DISC, MBTI, HOGAN, SDI, Lumina Spark and INSIGHTS etc. We believe that, in order to transform your business, you first need to understand yourself to understand others.

Understanding how we and others behave and how this influences us, leads to improved communication, team cohesion and over all business results.

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If you would like to know more please get in touch.


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