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Better sleep through relaxation

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Better sleep through relaxation

How do you achieve better sleep through relaxation techniques?

There is a key correlation between Relaxation and Sleep. Many of the difficulties of day-to-day living are due to a breakdown in both of these vital aspects of holistic Well Being. Through re-learning the true Art of Relaxation Techniques, healing occurs within the parasympathetic system and balance is restored to the “Constantly-On” culture of the now.

Once the balance is restored then the building blocks of life, of which sleep is one, can begin to be restored. Finding a rhythm in life that allows for proactive Deep Relaxation is a key part of re-creating physical, mental and emotional wellness.

The human system is built on balance. Sleep is the time of switching off from the conscious space. It is a vital time of inaction to balance the action of darkness to balance the light. Without good sleep, the fundamental components of life simply begin to break down. The Soul, which is the energy of life, becomes depleted as it is unable to replenish itself and the individual begins to struggle with finding and sustaining any form of harmony within the aspects of day-to-day living.

Poor sleep is the first sign that mental health is beginning to be compromised and much suffering could be averted if focus is given to Relaxation at that stage of the fragmentation.

The first step to regaining good sleep is learning again how to let go of action and control, how to embrace silence and stillness and to accept that the rhythm of life needs to fundamentally change.

Much of the trigger for poor sleep is the ever-increasing need to be active at all times, the fear of being inactive, over-stimulation and a moving away from the natural rhythms of nature. This, combined with heightened levels of destructive stress, is the cause of most illness, much of the distress, conflict and unhappiness that is prevalent within the world today.

A new approach

It is time for a new approach, a return to the basics of a healthy life and Deep Relaxation Therapy can enable you to make that first step towards the life you so desire to live.

True Relaxation is about letting go and letting be. It is the antidote to stress and to the breakdown of sleep and mental health. Many modern forms of so-called relaxation are just further forms of stimulation, especially in this time of technology and device attachment.

How much sleep without waking for a minimum of 6 hours a night 6 nights a week? The NHS states that most adults need 9 hours of good sleep per night. Clinical trials have shown that 6 hours of sleep lowers the metabolic rate by 10%. Just 40 minutes of Deep Relaxation lowers it by nearly 40% and also regulates blood pressure, balances hormones, brings clarity of thought and feelings of satisfaction, optimism, peace and well-being. The evidence is unequivocal.

To regain equilibrium in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life a different way is needed for the future, and this is the first step. Deep Relaxation Therapy is a preventative solution but can also be used as a treatment. Simply by committing to yourself that if you have not slept well you will allow time in the day for a Deep Relaxation takes the pressure off and begins to break the cycle.

Nature is also a wonderful gift, with the power to restore equilibrium. In the time of lockdown when the destructive element of human action was paused, the recovery of nature was remarkable. You too have that power of regeneration within, when you pause and enter into stillness, turn that which is negative into that which is positive. Nature is not just a place to be active in, it is a place to meditate in, to be still in, to observe and to allow the mind to enter into a harmony that brings immediate healing.

As 2021 continues to bring in dramatic change, a new time of potential for compassion and healing, may it also bring to you this opportunity to change your life and the life of others for the better.

Better Sleep Through Relaxation, written by Tara Zutshi

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